'Project Cloverfield' Storyline

As more and more clues surface on the film, the story line is the most mysterious. Finally, some details are coming out.

“It’s about an alien that wipes out all of New York City,” one of the owners told the New York Post. “The footage is taken the day before everyone dies. A bunch of kids come to Coney Island with a video camera. The movie is a flashback to that day. [ ...more ]


Anonymous said...

hey guys its a Lion, if you listen to the trailer, as the are running out of the building into the street you here a conversation ,somebody asks what is it, and then you here this guys voice, only his voice and he says,I saw IT, Its a lion and its huge. See the director actually took this spin off from lost,the creature that was supposed to orignally be a mythological creature that has the head of an eagle a body of a lion and other crary features{someone out ther knows what im talking about} N-E-Ways, he got an idea ,turn that monster on the island into black smoke, and created this movie that is getting a hell of a buzz...

Anonymous said...

gryffin thats what it is called,it has the body of a snake, the head of a lion and claws of an eagle,the explosion you see in the trailor is actually one of its defenses. The name of the movie Cloverfield Project, actually comes from the orignal movie The Island of Dr.Monreau,im not going to give it all up , but if you watch that movie again,you will see why he came up with the Clovefield field project, as a name for this movie.The lastest in monster Movies is a MYTHOLOGICAL creature...........................hope i didnt shine to much light........AUTHENIcs.....

Anonymous said...

Nah why would he make it a mythogical movie, and it would be a bigger hit if its a monster movie or some kind of alien movie

Anonymous said...

Actually... not to flame posts or anything.. A Gryphon was a winged lion with the head of an eagle. i think however the word you were looking for is Chimera, lion bodied creature with wings and a snake for a tail.. sometimes the head of a goat.. depending on which mythology you happen to read. Hope this helps and hope to see more news and highlights about this movie. looks to be one of the more decent ones coming out.

Anonymous said...

guys i went to the theatre a few months back and saw a trailer of this movie. in the preview i saw the camera man zoomed up on a giant robot that was attacking the city. it looked like one of those robots with the square head and square body. basically like a toy. but for some reason i never saw the same preview again where they show this. now i'm really curious about this.

Anonymous said...

you guys are ALL wrong. it is neither aliens, griffons, chimeras, or robots, its MUSLIMS. and by the way, the guy who confused the griff with the chime is just an idiot. yeah, you know you are. go cry. go sit in a hole, weeping in despair at your pitiful black hole of a mind, and when the tears rise above your head- stay there. and breathe deeply.

Anonymous said...

I think maybe you guys are getting ahead of yourself a little to much...Aliens,lions,tigars and Muslims..Don't ya think there gonna make this movie a little more realistic and prob end up happining to be something like "The day after tommarrow" prob a second part to that, or something around that area.

toster1992 said...

Well...what I think is that you all should stop arguing and shut up...what ever the "monster" is gonna be...the movie looks like it is gonna be good...and that is that.

toster1992 said...

Well at second glance, it looks like a second "Godzilla" movie...have you ever thought of that as a new twist in horror film-making?

Anonymous said...

To the individual who brought up "Muslims," you clearly have problems. This is a blog on a what is most likley a sci fi movie, not a political commentary or an opportunity for your blatant bigotry to come through. And the vehemence of your response on mythological names of various creatures plainly shows your deep lack of self esteem. Get a life.

Anonymous said...

yeah i think it might be Godzilla but when the kids where in the sub ways they heard something and started running. so what might that be?
also the guy with the Muslim comment that wasn't funny

Anonymous said...

after two hours of research...i think i might know what it is, if anyone remembers the movie voltron that is it...so who ever wrote it was a lion your on the right track just a couple steps off...

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

he doesnt say its a lion he says "its alive and its huge"

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

NOPE NOPE all you guys are wrong. listen here...... I think its a SEA CREATURE or SEA MONSTER because if you watch closely on some parts you can see some kinda tail fins or fins. I think it came from the deepest hole in the earth that is out of reach from all your modern scientic marvels and your wonderful technologies!!! IT came from the big waters the atlantic in New york. its one of those creatures never touched by human minds and contact... i rest my case... hope you agree

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