New "Lost" Returns April 24th

The writer's strike has thrown off the season of Lost with the last new episode in awhile aired 2 Thursdays ago. Thankfully the cast and crew were quick to jump back into action and filming began only days after the strike was settled. New episodes will start up again April 24th which should give us enough to wrap up this season's storyline.

Pegg: 'Star Trek fans needn't worry'

simon peggSimon Pegg has reassured 'Star Trek' fans by declaring the USS Enterprise is in good hands under the leadership of director JJ Abrams.

The 'Shaun of The Dead' star has signed on to play Scotty in the much-anticipated 'Star Trek' prequel and insists he wouldn't be in the film if he thought Trekkers would be upset by it.

He says: "Star Trek is very precious to a lot of people and they want it to be right. As a Star Trek fan, I would want the film to be made by a Star Trek fan if I wasn't in the film and it is being made by a fan. (...more)

Jewel Staite Says More Firefly Coming

Jewel Staite Says More Firefly Coming

Jewel Staite attended the Supanova Expo in Melbourne, Australia this weekend and over the two days graciously answered a lot of questions from fans of Firefly and Stargate Atlantis. During the first session Jewel was asked what she thought the storyline of Serenity would go. Jewel replied, “I always wanted Kaylee to become a mother” and added “hopefully there’ll be a Serenity 2″.

In the Q&A session the following day, a fan asked if there was any reason to still hope for another movie, Jewel’s response was “Absolutely!”. (...more)

Cloverfield Special Edition DVD Packaging

Cloverfield Special Edition DVD Packaging Cloverfield Special Edition DVD Packaging

IGN is announcing that the mysterious Cloverfield DVD package that popped up a few weeks back will be for a special edition DVD set of the movie. Cloverfield is due out Aprill 22nd and the standard DVD artwork will look like this and the fate of the Blu-Ray/High-def version is still in limbo.


Cloverfield DVD Artwork

Here's some more images, including the back artwork, of the upcoming DVD release for Cloverfield scheduled for release on April 22.
Cloverfield DVD Artwork

Cloverfield DVD Artwork

Star Trek Working Title CORPORATE HEADQUARTERS; First Images Leaked

Star Trek Cadets

Quint from AICN has landed some sneaky pictures of what looks like the set of the upcoming Star Trek movie directed by J.J. Abrams. The working title of this particular movie is called "Corporate Headquarters" but as we all know by now Abrams loves to mix up the code names of his movies to film in secrecy.

You can clearly see the giant blue-screen in the background and a spacecraft parked in the shade. Also, the uniforms look spot on when compared to these early leaked images of Star Fleet extras.

With a little help from Cinema Blend I see that back in November there were casting calls for extras for a project called "Corporate Headquarters" which called for “Vulcan type eyebrows” and cadets and military types.


Taste For The Theatrical Trailer Speculation

The rumored date for a new Dark Knight trailer has come and gone. There was some speculation that the latest trailer for the Batman sequel was going to appear online at a Taste For The Theatrical, a viral website centering around the Joker.

So, when will the trailer come out? Charlie wrote in with his theory:
"The number it gives on the left of the screen is "28". It also says "sunday" on the right. My guess is that the movie trailer will air on the weekend of the 28th of march."
It makes sense and sounds good. Thanks, Charlie. A few major movies have followed this style of having the new trailer up on their site after the weekend movie rush. So with the 28th being on a Friday and the viral site saying on Sunday you can take it home it looks like we might see the addition then.

The 28th Friday new releases are the card-counting drama "21", the Simon Pegg (Shaun of the Dead, Star Trek's Scotty) Run, Fat Boy, Run , the Iraq war drama Stop-Loss, and Demi Moore in Flawless. I'll keep an eye out on Sunday to see if anything pops up.


Case 1017 - Cloverfield Knockoff?

Case 1017 - Please help identify this

A small video is circulating around YouTube that looks a little familiar. Known as Case 1017 this video is being promoted as a viral incident by a "youtuber" named Eric Brody. It has all the feel of a viral promotion and is a hand-held (POV) camera clip of people gathering on the streets of a city. A CDC van sits outside and a gunshot is heard from a window in one of the apartments.

Eric Brody states on the YouTube page:
i got fired from my job yesterday b/c of this f*cking youtube video blog i started last week. i found this tape in one of the boxes i took home with me. it's dated 3/11/08 which means it just happened 4 days ago.

where the hell is this, and what the hell is going on?

FirstShowing.net seems to believe that its the viral work of an upcoming film called Quarantine which is the American remake of [Rec], a 2007 Spanish film (trailer below) with a strong following. If this is the case, which seems plausible since Jaume Balagueró (who wrote and directed [Rec]) is credited with the screenplay, than the movie deals with an infection that shuts down part of the city. After all the chaos the videos are found. It sounds a little like I Am Legend meets Cloverfield.

[Rec] Trailer

Cloverfield Hits The DVD Shelves on April 22nd.

Movieweb.com has broken the news that the Cloverfield DVD hits shelves on April 22nd. Here are some of the extra features listed by Movieweb that will appear on the discs:

Special Features
- Commentary: Commentary by Director Matt Reeves
- Featurette: The Making of Cloverfield
- Featurette: Cloverfield Visual Effects
- Featurette: I Saw It! It's Alive! It's Huge
- Featurette: Clover Fun
- Additional Scenes: Congrats Rob
- Additional Scenes: When You're in Japan
- Additional Scenes: I Call That a Date
- Additional Scenes: It's Going to Hurt
- Additional Scenes: Alt Ending #1
- Additional Scenes: Alt Ending #2

Batman Viral - Harvey Dent Hits The Road

Elect Harvey Dent

The viral campaign for the upcoming Batman sequel, The Dark Knight, is shifting its focus onto Gotham City politician Harvey Dent. To help clean up the city of crime and corruption, Harvey Dent is campaigning across the country to promote his campaign.
Get up close and personal with the campaign to convince Harvey Dent to run for DA!

We’re going across the country to rally support for Dent! So check the map and schedule below to see when the Dentmobile might come to your neighborhood! Meet up with other Dent supporters and and help us campaign in your streets. Join the movement that’s sweeping Gotham! (source)
I like the fact that Warner Bros. is keeping the viral aspect of The Dark Knight alive. The untimely death of Heath Ledger, who plays the Joker in the movie, left the producers with a challenge on how to proceed without the Joker. The viral campaign up to this point was mildly involving Harvey Dent. For the most part it was the Joker messing with Dent's campaign or the Gotham Times.

Leaked Cloverfield DVD Packaging

cloverfield dvd artThe release of a Cloverfield DVD is rumored to be around April 15th or 22nd. Paramount's none to happy about the leaked rumor that they are rushing an unfinished Blu-ray to the market for Cloverfield. But what about the standard Cloverfield DVD?

Cinema Blend has gotten a hold of what may be the DVD packaging (standard definition) of the new Cloverfield DVD. This subtle DVD boldly doesn't use the iconic Statue of Liberty poster from the movie which might suggest this could be the packaging of a special edition or 2-disc set.

The market for the Blu-ray/HD-DVD is still a small percentage of the sales which means those who are still buying standard DVD's need a copy. I've heard rumblings of a cool 2 Disc DVD (standard format) being available when Cloverfield hits the market. The idea is to give the viewer all the viral marketing along with some new storylines to fill in a few questions left over.

All the viral works and clips like the Chuai Station and Jamie and Teddy (yes, I've been informed it is part of the Cloverfield world) will be available along with some commentary and behind the scenes stuff. All in all it sounds like the ultimate fans dream disc. Let's just hope it sees the light of day.


New Full-Length Speed Racer Trailer Released

On my Speed Racer sister site there's a brand new trailer which is chock-full of cartoon goodness. The Speed Racer movie is due out May 9th and is made by the Wachowski Brothers (Matrix, V for Vendetta) which features a special, multi-layered digital camera that will give Speed Racer a full-focus look to capture that anime spirit.

Full-Length Speed Racer Trailer


Batman Viral Site Gets New Trailer?

A cryptic message has been uploaded to ATasteForTheTheatrical, a viral site for the new Batman movie. The message osted next to a faux ad for a mobile home trailer reads:
"Sunday. It's what you've been waiting for! Sure, you can see it on display, but beginning this Sunday, you can take it home for your very own!"

Be sure to check it out Sunday to see what goods they might deliver. On this site you'll find the link to the first trailer above the message as well as links to The Gotham Times and The Ha Ha Ha Times. Click on their images below to view.

batman viral batman viral

Vulcan, Canada aims to premiere next Star Trek movie

View Larger Map

The town of Vulcan, hidden among oil wells, wheat fields and cow pastures of western Canada, is aiming to host the world premiere of the latest Star Trek movie, a spokeswoman said Friday.

The film, to be released in May 2009, will be the 11th installment of Gene Roddenberry's fictional Star Trek universe, most featuring the adventures of Captain James T. Kirk and the starship Enterprise crew.

This episode, under the working title Star Trek Zero, will take audiences back to Kirk's early days, before what was chronicled in the original 1960s television series.

Vulcan spokeswoman Dayna Dickens said the town sent a proposal to the film's executive producers at Paramount in September, and was told last month "they are considering it."

Hasbro's Cloverfield Monster Toy

The Hasbro website has updated their Cloverfield Monster toy with new pictures and an audio clip of the Cloverfield Monsters roar (embedded below). For about $100 you'll get:
* 70 points of articulation and incredible life-like detail
* Authentic sound
* 14" tall
* 10 parasites
* Two interchangeable heads
* Statue of Liberty head accessory
* Special collector’s edition packaging
If you would like a full look at the Cloverfield Monster toy you can check out this photo gallery to see the monster in action.

Yahoo! Just The Facts on Cloverfield; Video of Cloverfield Monster

Yahoo! movies has started a new thing (or at least new to me) called "Just the facts" that give a breakdown on new and upcoming movies. On the list are movies like Jumper and Iron Man along with Cloverfield. Here's a sample of the info they provide for the user:
FACT ONE: It Came From Japan Producer J.J. Abrams took his son to a toy store in Japan and saw rows and rows of Godzilla toys. Feeling that the U.S. lacked a giant monster of its own, he decided to a make his own creature feature that would be filmed entirely through the point-of-view of the people on the ground, running for their lives.

FACT TWO: "Felicity" Fans Are in for a Shock Abrams picked his childhood friend Matt Reeves to direct the film. Together, they created Felicity, a show about young New Yorkers looking for love. But while the most exciting moment on that show was the time Keri Russell cut her hair, in this movie the entire city gets hacked to pieces.

FACT THREE: This Poster Doesn't Lie As a kid, Abrams loved Escape From New York. But he felt cheated that the image of the Statue of Liberty's head lying in the street on the movie's poster wasn't actually in the film. Abrams finally got to see it on the big screen in the teaser trailer that appeared before Transformers last summer.

Along with the breakdown of the movie is a clip from Cloverfield showing one of the attacks of the Cloverfield Monster. This scene shows the gang running head on into the Cloverfield Monster for the first time as they had uptown to rescue Beth. They seek cover as the military advances on the Cloverfield Monster and the gang ends up running down to the subway.


LOST Resumes Filming; Terry O'Quinn Talks To Film Students

Terry O'Quinn is just such a great character actor that when I heard he was going to be on a new Television show back in 2004 I was immediately interested.

After years of bouncing around as supporting characters on such TV shows as X-Files, Millennium, and Alias, O'Quinn landed the role of a lifetime as the complex John Locke on the hit TV show Lost.

O'Quinn is a skilled theater actor who is still humbled by the attention that people pay to him. He recently sat down with some theater students at Illinois Wesleyan University who have the luck of having Terry's brother, Thomas, as their professor.
"Actor Terry O’Quinn is in an elite circle. Not just because millions of people tune in each week to see him on the hit ABC television series LOST, but because he can call himself that rare honor – a working actor.

“Work. Work when you can, any way you can,” said O’Quinn, sharing his insights on the acting profession to a room full of theatre students at Illinois Wesleyan University on Tuesday. The actor addressed three classes and an open forum Monday and Tuesday before returning to Hawaii to resume filming of the television show." (more)
After addressing the students for a couple of days, O'Quinn jumped a plane to head back to start shooting again for Lost. It's nice to hear confirmation that the production has started up again. With the writer's strike over the show has geared up to try to finish the season on time.

Lost Producer Carlton Cruse stated last month that they expect at most 13 episodes total. 8 episodes were finalized before the writer's strike halted production and 5 have aired so far.

Matthew Fox Won’t Return To TV After Lost

Dr. Jack Shephard is retiring. Sorta. Matthew Fox, who plays the Doctor on the hit Television show Lost, is set to end his television career and focus solely on movies. After 2 hit series on TV for a combined total of 10 years so far, Fox stated that he enjoys his current place in the Lost puzzle but being tied down to a TV series means turning down multiple lucrative roles.

The irony is that many actors have said this before and many have failed at the transition to the big screen. The reason they get the chance to turn down killer movie roles is because they are on a popular TV show. No TV show and the phone doesn't ring. But Fox seems to take it in stride.
Lost star Matthew Fox is to quit TV when the hit show comes to an end in 2010.

The actor, 41, is delighted at the huge success of the J.J. Abrams-created show, but admits his work on Lost has forced him to turn down other, more lucrative movie roles.

"He says, "I am getting these cool offers now, and often I can’t take them because of my responsibilities to Lost. I’m well aware that the success of the show is a big part of why I’m getting the offers and so my priority is to the show.

"But I won’t be doing anymore television after Lost. That level of commitment to one character is just something I won’t do again." (source)

Behind the Scenes Videos of Cloverfield

cloverfield dvd
cloverfield dvd
It's crazy how much detail in the movies goes unnoticed these days. Cloverfield was designed to have that "handheld" look to make the viewer believe it was shot with a camcorder in the streets of Manhattan. Truth is that a lot of work went into making a digital world in the streets of New York City. I found this link nestled into the forums at UnFiction which highlights the production of the movie.

The digital effects house Double Negative has some videos up that will probably make their way onto the Cloverfield DVD and hopefully the Blu-Ray disc as well. These short videos show the green screens and untouched footage of the movie. After a quick screening you'll get an understanding of how important Green Screens are to digital movies.

Double Negative's main task was to wreak destructive havoc upon New York City. Complex digital environments were built and then attacked with a variety of in-house CG tools. Key scenes involved creating well-known areas such as Park Avenue and high angle views across the city. A detailed digital model of the Brooklyn Bridge was built and then torn apart as refugees from the disaster attempt to flee the rampaging monster and, in the signature shot for the movie, the head of the Stature of Liberty was sent tumbling through the streets of Manhattan. (watch videos)

The Rumor That Won't Go Away. Cloverfield 2 , Aladygma and Aliens

J.J. Abrams directs Matthew Fox in "Lost"

The Cloverfield 2 rumors continue to surface with the possibility that the codename of Aladygma is the code name for the Cloverfield sequel.

Aladygma (see original post: What's Aladygma) so far is just a rumor but the guys at Bad Robot, J.J. Abrams in particular, are known for using tactics like these to create projects in secret.

Fans are asking whether Aladygma is the potential Cloverfield sequel or a new sci-fi project by J.J. Abrams. There's a press release that surfaced the other day that links the Aladygma rumors to a top secret Alien project and a group that is dubbed "FTWSPACE" which has something to do with "following the white space."
"Maybe, it has absolutely nothing to do with a Cloverfield sequel, but “Aladygma” is all over the World a codename for something that somehow slipped into the news reports of the online film media. Nobody knows what "aladygma" really means, but the official Site shows some numbers: 00 | 11 | 22 | 88 . They Change in 00 | 11 | 28 | 28.

The only thing, that real UFO Fans know, is that 00 | 11 | 28 | 28 a codename for a actual top-secret UFO-Projekt. A Organisation, the "FTWSPACE" (Follow the White Space" is behind this UFO-Projekt. But it is unclear, if this is a real Story, or a Movie, or if this is really "aladygma". Aladygma, another Enygma of J.J. Abrams or what? Only one we know: Abrams has a vision par none, we can say he is a genius of Viral Marketing. (source)"

New "The Dark Knight" Viral Campaign Launched

The viral websites for the upcoming Batman sequel "The Dark Knight" have been active for almost a year now. After the tragic death of Heath Ledger who plays the Joker in the film, the producers seemed to take a little time off of the viral work.

In the past there have been viral sites linked to the Joker as well as Harvey Dent and it looks like this week that the Harvey Dent site has updated.

According to ENI News:
A new Havery Dent viral marketing campaign for the upcoming "The Dark Knight" movie has begun over at ibelieveinharveydent.com.

The site states the following:


You can then sign-up with your email address. Once you do that you will get an email that says the following:

"Citizens of Gotham! The future of our city rests in your hands!

Alone, we are helpless against the thugs and killers menacing our city.

Together, we have the power to take back Gotham.

In just a few days, you'll find out how.

Keep an eye on http://www.ibelieveinharveydent.com -- and get ready to join a movement that will transform our city!

Damon Lindelof On 'Star Trek XI' Date Change And Its Effects

Paramount Pictures and Bad Robot Productions moved the opening date of the J.J. Abrams directed Star Trek XI film from the original date this Christmas to a May date the following year. There have been different reasons given as to why the sudden move of the opening dates that range from script rewrites that need the writer's strike to end first to the simple reason that the cast and crew just needed more time to meet the deadline.

Star Trek XI producer Damon Lindelof, who also is co-creator and head writer of the hit Television show Lost, took time to give his opinion on the change in dates.
"Moving Star Trek XI from December 2008 to May 2009 will have positive benefits, says Star Trek XI producer Damon Lindelof.

As reported by Trekmovie.com, according to Lindelof, based on Paramount's growing understanding of the movie, Star Trek XI was more appropriate for a summer release.

"It was being presented to J.J. [Abrams]," said Lindelof, "and I have been hearing the same thing from the studio, that based on the dailies they have been seeing and hanging out on the set and seeing and beginning to understand what the movie is, I think that they are starting to look at it as a big summer crowd-pleaser as opposed to a very sci-fi, not-as-accessible-to a-wider-audience Christmas release. So the reason that they have moved the release date is for their ability to market the film and sort of position it as the Pirates of the Caribbean for next summer."

There are other benefits to the later release. "On a budgetary level probably the most significant effect it will have is that we will not have to rush our post [production]," explained Lindelof. "As you might imagine there are a gazillion effects shots. I have seen some of the early work being done by ILM and [visual effects supervisor] Roger Guyett and it is nothing short of astonishing. So they’ll basically have more time to render those effects than they would have if we had to release it by Christmas. So that will probably make the movie a little less expensive to produce."

Lindelof also talked about how the move would affect the release of a full movie trailer. "Obviously the schedule is now going to change to accommodate the new release date," he said. "My guess is that the strategy will turn more into a slow burn. But at this point we also have to be cognizant of once the film is done, and the more we shoot the more likely it is to invite spoilers if we are holding everything back. So we still want to release those images. As far as for the first trailer trailer, I heard we were still on for the summer to have a full trailer for the movie. But I would not be surprised if they decide to hold that back."

Those working on Star Trek XI wanted to make the movie appealing both to long-term fans and yet attract a new audience. "When we all sat down and started to talk about whether or not we wanted to take on Trek, the question was very simple and that question has remained the same: do we think we can make it good?" said Lindelof. "And there is a way to make that movie where the fans will feel that literally four decades of storytelling and canon is not being ignored, but you make the movie so there is an access point for people who want to come in and hear the band for the first time, as it were. We talked about that and kicked some story ideas around and became totally infected with it." (source)
Click on the "OLDER POSTS" above to start up the Cloverfield archives and see how it all began.

What is Cloverfield?

Welcome to 1-18-08 Project Cloverfield Blog.

Cloverfield is the J.J. Abrams (Lost, Alias) produced monster flick directed by Matt Reeves. Get caught up on all the Cloverfield news including the viral world of Tagruato, TIDOwave, and Slusho!? And now Aladygma?

However, I love viral campaigns. Cloverfield taught me the fun of being involved with the viral world of movies and TV. That's why I'd like to branch out this site to cover some of the major viral campaigns as they are developing. Feel free to drop me a line or tip on any you find interesting.

Welcome to Cloverfield

Very few facts emerged from the viral campaign that was Cloverfield. It all started after a short, teaser trailer for Cloverfield appeared with the Transformers movie in early July of 2007. Since then, speculation surrounded what the title of the movie would be (Monstrous, Overnight, etc...) and what the monster really is and why it is tearing up New York City.

A few pictures and covert videos from the film showed up online and there were only a few core facts we knew of including the poster, the teaser trailer, and a few websites at 1-18-08, Tagruato Corp, and Slusho .

In November, the official full-length Cloverfield trailer was released that helped open up the story as well as cement the "Cloverfield" name for the movie. A short glimpse of the Cloverfield Monster was seen but for most people they still had little or no clue as to what it was.

The movie centered around five young New Yorkers throwing their friend a going-away party the night that a monster the size of a skyscraper descends upon the city. Told from the point of view of their video camera, the film is a document of their attempt to survive the most surreal, horrifying event of their lives. Cloverfield opened the weekend of 1-18-08 and set box office records for a movie in January with a monster take of over $40M. Continue to check back here for updates on the mystery and viral campaigns of Cloverfield.

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Get Started with the Cloverfield Viral Marketing

If you're new to the Cloverfield viral world than let's get started. First off, for the beginners let's look at what we're talking about.

What does viral marketing mean? Click here.

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Slusho This is the Japanese frozen drink made from a secret ingredient gathered from the bottom of the ocean. Slusho gives you a kick and makes you extremely happy. Prior to 1-18-08 Slusho was not sold in the US. However, recent FDA approval gave Slusho clearance to come to the states. Rob Hawkins, the lead character, was recently promoted to vice-president of Slusho and was on his way to Japan the night of the attack. Slusho is owned by the Tagruato Corp. of Japan. Slusho also first made an appearance on J.J. Abrams Alias during a scene where characters buy the drink at a store.

Tagruato This ficticious Japanese company is the parent company of Slusho as well as the Yoshida Medical Research, Bold Futura, and ParafFUN! Wax Distributors. Besides drilling the oceans for Slusho ingredients, Tagruato builds everything from space satellites to medical gear.

T.I.D.O wave An activist group set out to bring to light all the damage Tagruato has done to the envirnoment.

Jamie and Teddy A minor character from the movie, Jamie popped up on a 1-18-08.com picture and the MySpace profiles for the movies characters before getting famous for her "Jamie and Teddy" website. The site is comprised of video journals from Jamie. The site is password protected but can be accessed by the password "jllovesth"

What Is Slusho?

Slusho ! You Can't Drink 6

Cloverfield Poster

Poster Official Cloverfield Poster. The poster was officially released the week of the 2007 Comic-con in San Diego.

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