What's Aladygma?

j.j. abramsI've had a few requests to look into the Aladygma rumors. /Film found a little bit of info on the possible Cloverfield sequel codenamed Aladygma. Knowing J.J. Abrams and his ability to defy truth seekers with his magical mystery box, Aladygma is probably something different and new.

If anyone is good at anagrams take a pop at "Aladygma." Abrams and Bad Robot are know for their anagrams and obscure references so let me know if anything comes up.

A Google search finds an Aladygma website with the text "Start date 00 | 11 | 22 | 88" and "coming soon next day?" in the bottom right. This site is probably unrelated but who knows with Abrams?

Now, if you spell Aladygma backwards, and who wouldn't, and switch a letter you'll get Amgydala. This is an actual word which is means "One of the basal ganglia in the limbic system of the brain thought to control motivation and emotion. It may also contain the memory of recent events."


thanh said...

Maybe the military finds someone's basal ganglia and probes it for recent events regarding Cloverfield

Dave and Thomas said...

Not sure. It's definitely something to keep an eye out for.

Douglas said...

Malaga is a port-city in southern Spain, which leaves the letters d and y. DY is the periodic table of element symbol for Dysprosium. Don't know how those relate to anything but just thought I would throw it out there

Anonymous said...


Rabinosa said...

hey guys. ive just been searching around for aladygma stuff, so i whacked it into google backwards and got the info about brain signals. i then put 00112288 into google to c what happend and found this: http://00112288.blog.fr/

could be related. altho probaly isnt

Anonymous said...

they updated the web site and it now says follow the white space under coming next day

Anonymous said...

Highlight the text on the aladygma page. A white space shows in the upper left corner. Click it!

And the numbers change...

I think they eventually will change to 11 28 20 08. That's a date!

Toin's said...

Easy... alamygda is an anagram of amygdala....

Anonymous said...

it should be a alien movie of j j abrams. i read it on http://www.free-press-release.com/news/200802/1204306363.html

Melissa said...

also, if you click a space in the top right corner of the page(find it by highlighting the text)... something DIFFERENT shows...

student thomas | room 211
211 | 2008

Anonymous said...

There are two white spaces (follow the white spaces it said) to the left, when clicked it shows http://www.aladygma.com/img/skull-bg.jpg

and to the right when clicked
student thomas | room 211
211 | 2008

but right then and there... a new link appears somewhere (i was watching the source code)

which shows the reported change on the numbers

start date
00 | 11 | 28 | 28
© a l a d y g m a

the http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l_5LwqhWxoM&feature=user
account over at youtube seems to me a marketing effort for a car dealer? Maybe not related, cool none the less.

Anonymous said...

the newspaper under the map has the date september 12, 2001.

Anonymous said...

I did a google image search and that really is the 9/12/2001 front page of the NY Times...."Coming soon the next day"

I'm thinking this may have nothing to do with cloverfield.

Joshinroundhere said...

You want into my mind on this issue?
Notice how the words left uncovered on the paper tend to all point towards something other than the movie and a terrorist attack. NO PLANE is darkened and left bare to read EAX and Evil is plainly visible.
EAX was removed from the Governmental Index. Wierd? The paper is dated september 12th, 2001, which explains the coming soon tomorrow. The map is of the sewers of NYC. Directly beneath the Embassy Hotel, and the room 211 of the Embassy Hotel, using the 211 from the picture was a room overlooking, yes, you guessed it, both the statue of liberty AND where the trade center wouldve been. A bloody footprint on the map. Or. Is it a half saucer shape?
Who's to say?
And just to let you know, a real UFO buff knows that 00112288 is a codename for an alien research program in the government.
Could there be aliens?
Or is it a movie advertisement?
It could be Viral Advertisement.
But it would be DAMN good, something I'd think of it was.

Anonymous said...

when you click on the first white space and then highlight the page, there is some text in the upper left hand corner of the page. it's backwards and in german or some similar language.
rengül nie tsi samoht

forwards: thomas ist ein lügner

not sure what it means, but it's interesting to say the least.

Anonymous said...

thomas ist ein lügner.

i think it means thomas is a liar.

Anonymous said...

there is a new link if u look under the t in follow the white spaces there is a naked man and woman and then it changes to some monster looking thing

milo said...

if it is a viral stadegy it has got to be related to Fox because of the picture of the fetal creature from Alien on the aladygma.com website. the only known projects out there don't relate to jj abrams. and the style is x-file-like(Fox) abrams is with paramount on movies but Fox with TV. Abrams has a new TV show called Fringe (x file in nature) coming out 2008 with no release date listed. something to ponder.

Anonymous said...

If you do a CNTL-A or Apple-A on the homepage, it will show you hidden links. Clicking one brigs up a map with an address and a bloody shoeprint on it.

As it happens, 102 North End Avenue is the Embassy Suites Hotel in Manhattan. It also happens to be a block away from Ground Zero.


Anonymous said...

--scared woman peering out of a door with 211 on it? Though the 211 looks a little out of place on the door to be a room number.

--sewer map as stated above.

--Shows a flash file that animates a diagram of earth, an arrow going from earth to inbetween Jupiter and Saturn to a.. satellite? Then an arrow points to the biohazard sign, the naked man and woman disappear, and some embryo appears. Weird.

--picture of the red skull.

--alternate front page. 211 | 2008. So the movie's "211" and releases this year, maybe?

that's all I found.

Pantagruel said...

About the flash animation of men/women and a satellite...

maybe u want to take a look about this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pioneer_plaque

kym said...

http://page121.blogspot.com/ theres a small image in top right corner,its a man looking up towards the stars x

CloverfieldFan said...

I'm pretty sure it has nothing to do with Cloverfield. But the people over at the Cloverfieldnews.com forum have started talking a lot about it.


Anonymous said...

I think the smart money says that although Cloverfield is due on DVD pretty soon, Aladygma is actually the viral setup campaign for JJ's new "Fringe" project.

VeNoM5389 said...

If you click the link in the upper right hand corner it changes the numbers to 211/2008. Knowing the Cloverfield movie was based on a secret file you could say it was military affiliated. In the military they reverse day and month, so is it possible they are talking about a release date of November 2, 2008? ... just a suggestion.

Anonymous said...

On thomas' blog, he has a picture if you look closey. its the bottom one btw, you can see the same diagram of the pioneer plague ..... from the website....


so if this whole thing is real.
then we can probably sy tht he has something to do with the webbersitter :P

Anonymous said...

or like. its not thomas' blog but who evers blog it is..

Anna said...

I have found a new video on youtube! Look at it. There is a pize from the secret code!

Stephanie said...

So, has anyone gone to thewhitespaces.com? You have to ctrl A again, like on aladygma.com but there is a riddle under a blank and a button that says "guess". The answer is Tomorrow, then you get to another page thats more of a math problem. I've solved for all the letters, but I dont understand what it wants in the blank where you "guess". what am I guessing!? Im stuck. Any ideas?

Anonymous said...

Everybody, this has everything to do with cloverfield... If you go to aladygmacloverfield-unitedworld.com and read EVERYTHING, and go through a bunch of hyperlinks, you can find a ton of stuff. It has way to much work into it to just be from fans...

Adam Stalker said...

check this
who owns the domain

waiting for the code...

Anonymous said...

aladygma - interview with the makers -english version


Thomas Dahlem - a italian interview on


Anonymous said...


I got past the first two pages, the first is "tomorrow", and the second is 10652

Anonymous said...

I guess we will have to wait till 12-18-2008

Anonymous said...

when i highlighted the whole page in the bottom left corner the letters "rengül nie tsi samoht" appeared for a second then vanished.
reading it backwards it says "thomas ist ein lügner" wich is german and means thomas is a liar.

Anonymous said...

Amygdala; the section of the brain [note -dala] that controls fear

Anonymous said...

Look at the dog tags. [http://www.aladygma.com/evl/]:
5, 2, 5, 0, 3, 8, 0, 3.
1, 3, 3, 3, 5, 4, 6, 3.

Bobbynrwh said...

well look at this http://aladygma00112288.googlepages.com/

bobbyn said...

look at this


Anonymous said...

ALADYGMA...? COULD BE A SEQUAL, but everyone is really jumpy when a new word or website pops up.Cool thing is that this fact goes to show what a good idea Cloverfield was. "WHEN A FILM, A FAKED REALITY BURNED ONTO CELLULOID CAN GET PEOPLE TALKING THIS MUCH AND MAKE EVERY ODD SOUNDING THING GET SO MUCH ATTENTION, THAT IS A SUCCESS." Cloverfield can't stand on it's own forever, there will have to be answers.If they make a Clover 2 and anyone from the production team reads this, J.J. you have got a great thing going here, but a film is a film, please just come out and say it when your gonna make it please.Please no more crazy cameras and character development.Just Clover, and other monsters if you would like to.You've got to get him out into the open.Give us Carnage, give us Chaos, Give us Cloverfield 2...vs. the Military. Done Normal, Cloverfield 2 could be the greatest monster movie in history. Godzilla has ruled long enough, let's show em' what a true Monster film looks like... through steady cams.

Raman said...

You know if you spell aladygma backwards it closely resembles amygdala, well on the wikipedia page for amygdala, there is a picture of the location of it (he first picture on the left). To me, it looks like the Cloverfield monster face (the red bits are the eyes!).


Anonymous said...

http://aladygma.com/news/2008/09/11/befreiphone i read this is J.J, abrams too!

Anonymous said...

jj abrams was talking about aladygma at the comic con!

emanuel_lopez@msn.com said...


It's in Puerto Madero, Argentina

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