What Is Slusho?

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What is it?

I get a lot of questions regarding the 'Slusho' connection with the Cloverfield/1-18-08 movie. As people discover clues about Cloverfield, the Slusho name comes up quite a lot. In fact, the Slusho site and name are one of the few confirmed entities for Cloverfield.

The basic answer to the Slusho question is that Slusho is a Slurpee-type drink that was briefly mentioned in an episode of 'Alias' a few years back.

The bigger question is what, if anything, does Slusho have to do with Cloverfield/1-18-08?

Slusho first appeared on the T-shirt of this guy (above) in the trailer. Since then, the shirt was made official by being distributed in connection with the movie at Comic-Con in late July. The movie and the site were officially confirmed by the JJ Abrams camp as being tied into the movie. A Slusho site was added later. It claims it is a Japanese based company that gets its secret ingredient from the bottom of the ocean.

"Slusho! – You Can’t Drink Just Six" is the official tagline for the product and there is as of yet no confirmation on what that really means. JJ Abrams likes to use numbers in his clues and this may be just another unsolved mystery.

As the Slusho story goes, Noriko Yoshida, called The Little Whale in school, dedicated her life to refreshment and was lost at sea while looking for the most satisfying ingredients. Her son, Ganu, turned her refreshment business over to his cousin and focused on ocean science.

While at sea Ganu and his crew discovered a new, deep-sea ingredient unlike anything else. That night he had a dream where he was a small fish and a whale visited him to tell him to use the ingredient. As Ganu ate the new ingredient he grew large and turned into a whale.

He woke up in tears knowing he had found the lost ingredient his mother had lost her life for. Ganu turned his attention back to the refreshment business. The special new ingredient was found in the depths of the ocean at cold temperatures and tremednous pressure which is why it has to be served in a near-frozen state.

Ganu rejoined his cousin with the new ingredient to make what we know as Slusho.

Alias - Want A Slusho?

JJ Abrams has a knack for using code names and fake products in his work. During the filming of 'Cloverfield' the movie saw movie names such as Cheese, Chocolate, and Slusho. Abrams uses fake names regularly during his shoots to detract onlookers and the press. During the filming of Mission Impossible III, the Virginia shoot was titled 'Heyday' for example.

The viral marketing of JJ Abrams took off during LOST when the candy bar Apollo was mentioned in the series as well as having websites dedicated toward it. Sites popped up for the airline, too, at Oceanic Air (here). Small teasers such as pictures, quotes, and clips were hidden within the Oceanic site for fans to discover.

Of course, the HANSO Foundation (here) was the biggest of Abrams viral sites. The HANSO site tied into the series as the driving force of the island and viewers could regularly check the site during the first few years of the show to see mysterious notes and videos there.

It is hard to say what role Slusho will play in the movie. Looking at the past Abrams projects we can expect Slusho to be at the least a great marketing ploy to sell some t-shirts. We could probably see the product mentioned in the film in the form of product placements.

However, I'd like to believe the main character, Rob, who is moving to Japan the night of the attack, will be somehow working or affiliated with the Slusho Company. Maybe we'll see some Slusho products being consumed and reference. Maybe we'll see that the monster is an ocean-bound creature whose life has been upset by the Slusho people.


Tattul said...

Well from what I've gathered from the 1-18-08 site (The pic of the Japaneses guy holding the food has a recipe on the back that requires something coming from the deep sea. GEE... ) and the Slusho site is that Slusho may very well be the cause of the all the trouble. Start reading the Slusho History thing completely... and just start thinking folks.

Magic ingredient is something found at the bottom of the ocean and extremely cold. Lord only knows what lives at the bottom of the ocean that could be making the stuff.. but if stuff just happened to be eggs...just a thought for now

jesterking said...

I have to agree about the egg comment... Go to the Slusho website, and look at the home page... There are buttons that look like eggs...

Now go to the "happy talk" section and keep reading the quotes... there are a few strange ones in there.

also, I cant help but wonder what the significance of the hammer, cheese and the Oven mit in the "history" section of Slusho.jp?

other interesting theory:

jesterking said...

oops... the other theory was supposed to be:

Mattew said...

If you go to slusho.jp you will eventually get a happy talk that says "she is one of them" and if you go to tagruato.jp the woman who ceated slusho disapeared at sea and her nick name was"the little whale" think about it. is the woman who created slusho the monster?

proski said...

That website is very high quality. and have alot of clues or false paths to what "slusho" has to do with cloverfield.
Clue I picked up on were...
1.Slusho ingredent comes from the bottom of the sea where it is extremly cold.
2. When you drink alot of slusho you become bigger.
3.Slusho machine are shown as robots.
4.On that site you can mix the flavor together to make a super slusho flavor, which is a bigger slusho machine.
5. Slusho is from japan, whatever crazy ideas that intitles..hah.

My guess is japanese scientist have found something at the bottom of the ocean and created a drink out of it, and marketed it in a robot machine, and the machine becomes bigger, and knocks the head of the statue of liberty..etc.

good guess?

emirem said...

This is the mutant ninja turtles/godzilla story.

Slusho is a popular drink, so taking it on to the world's greates consumer market (the US) is the next logical step. The mining company that gets the "secret" ingredient from the bottom of the Sea has an major disaster (check their website, http://tagruato.jp/), at the same time FDA approves the US launch.

So this "special stuff" will be connected to animal/human mutations ... That's what I think will crete the monster(s)

Anonymous said...

If anyone read the most recent Wired magazine that said cloverfield is part of an ARG (Alternate reality game). All these clues and stuff are part of this game. If you rald the article it all clicks.

Anonymous said...

What I know is that Seabed Nectar is the special ingredient for the Slusho product. Even though theres a lot of suspicous clues but there is one thing that catches my eye if you see commercials or any other media is like an ad telling to everybody to drink Slusho! not ones but 6 times! and belong to an army like robots to take control over the world starting from the West which is the United States all the way to England to expand and march across the earth! these eggs are made are sweet and that the word "Nectar" it was a drink of the Greek of any delicious drink sweet plant secretion that is raw material of honey mixing with the eggs coming up with a delicious taste of a Biological matrix eggs! Machines turning humans to machines!

Anonymous said...

if u drink too much of slusho at one time, u turn into on of those small monsters that live on the cloverfield monster. hence the tagline:u cant jus drink 6.
also, in the tagruato website, they state that they found small bacteria and such on the ocean floor. if we assume that slusho made a deep sea creature grow big, then wat creature was it? could a bacteria have been turned super huge???
jus a guess :)

Anonymous said...

i be that the mom from the slusho thing got frozen in a trench near ny city and the satlite that crashes at the end of cloverfeild woke her up and she was just recking the city trying to find her son

Anonymous said...

Not sure of its importance, but I found this on the slusho site when the little girl says “I Feel as If all thE other LiquiDs I consume are sub-par." All the randomly capitalized letters spell out "FIELD" for whatever reason...

Anonymous said...

what i was thinking was that, as most people are assuming that the main character going to japan is going to work for slusho...also, i think that maybe the bacteria is what kills you...this is a spoiler so don't keep reading if you don't want to...remember when that one chick in the subway who got attacked was like ugh, i feel sick, and then started bleeding from her eyes, and what i'm only assuming was her neck(i was watching a crappy online version) exploded? I'm thinking that the bacteria in the slusho is the monsters, and maybe by cutting her deeply they imbedded the bacteria in her, either that or she was drinking slusho, and soon the bacteria grew, like the whale did, and burst. that's my theory.

Anonymous said...

OK, this is it (a lot of spoilers are below)...
the monster is a baby whale. He drank some 'Seabed Nectar' and got mutated. A space ship crashes into the ocean which wakes him from his nap. And you all know how cranky babies are when they wake up from their nap...
So he goes on to land to find out what woke him up. But then he gets scared because of these things (people) stinging him (they're shooting guns) so, hje just runs around looking for his mommy.

Anonymous said...

what I think or is my theory is this I don't know if I'm correct but I'll give it a try! Well on Lost there was a group of terrorists looking for a special ingredient! Now what happen is that in the Chaui Station was destroyed and if you see the video well it collapsed and you can hear a strong noise like a sound of a monster and then people from that station evacuated ASAP and once there were gone from the station parts of the station were thrown up to the sea level and hit one of the rescue boats! Maybe it can be like an terrorist attack and made this creature to be spread around the world to attack big and commercial areas like "New York" one of the top notches and tourists places to visit! Another interesting is that also under the Slusho website under the happy talk says to take it to England and across the West which is United States all the way to the East which is the other side of the world. So I think that there attacking from the west like always and spread across the faces of the earth to be part of and take control.

Anonymous said...

after reading all the comments above i started thinking what can be logical enough to put together into a theory that sounds to fit the whole cloverfield monster.
think about this, lot of ppl say the nectar stuff is somekind of eggs (a while back a fae news report about a oilrig getting wrecked wich also means the monster is active for a longer time than just wrecking NY) now is it possible the rig was digging op the eggs? and the creature isn't a mutation but just an undiscovered creature trying to stay out of sight but when they take the eggs of mommy... what would mommy do? ;) sweet sweet revenge baby ^^ i think its as simple as that (and the girl exploding was due the bite of 1 of those bug-type things)

Anonymous said...

I was seeing the Slusho quotes and I saw one. "Slusho came to me in the night. It told me sweet secrets". Is it refering to the monster? Also "Slusho makes my stomach explode with happy" and "Slusho make good in my belly (sarcasm). Remember Marlina's stomach? I think most of the aswers are on that site.

Anonymous said...

The Indgredient has to be frozen.

So you're underwater... and you need to (Drill) into (Ice) and retrieve your Egg (Nectar) and you keep Drilling to find more and more Ingredient (popular beverage) and then you Drill some more but... oh no... whats this.... THAt looks like a creature... who lays such eggs... and well... you know ... I think he looks pretty well preserved... I mean... look his claw is ... umm oh crap it's moving..... AHHHH!!!

Dave said...

If slusho's ingredient makes things bigger, we can assume that that's what made the monster so big. When the jap company mines too much of it, the creature cannot survive tucked away in the oceanic depths where it can't hurt anyone. Instead, it must search for more (the drilling platform, 'oil' tanker, NYC, etc.). Most creatures in the ocean are host to tiny, arachnid parasites (kind of like fleas or ticks, but underwater). Those feeding off of clover get big transitively. Now, here's the tricky, scienctific part: These parasites are host to signle-celled amoebas. The slusho effects these amoebas differently than other creatures. As they are not multi-celled, they cannot get any bigger, but can multiply much faster. Transmitted to a human via saliva, these amoebas can reproduce even more quickly in the system of a healthy, slusho-consuming american. This causes a buildup of all things unpleasant within a bite-victim (co2, causing pressure; digestive acids, causing the bleeding)until he or she bursts, releasing the microbes to (hopefully) die of exposure. The only conundrum is how the creature manages to survive on land, along with the mini-ecosystem that it plays host to...

Anonymous said...

You guys do realize that the monster in the movie's an infant right?

Anonymous said...

I heard that a japanese underwater mining company called Tagruato mines up the sea nectar from the ocean floor for Slusho. I think the creature was feeding on the sea nectar and got huge and mutated. Wherever the creature lived there were probably hot springs. For the creature to live it would have to be adapted to the extreme heat (which would explain why it could survive bombs and guns). At Tagruato website: www.tagruato.jp/headlines.php
go to the "Hatsui Satellite Works for the Futura" headline. It talks about Tagruato's satellite trying to track down a piece of the "ChimpanzIII" satellite that fell into the atlantic ocean. This is probably the object that fell into the water at the end. The Tagruato website also contains a link to the Slusho website.

Anonymous said...

i did a website on these type of things. yes it is an ARG(alternate reality game. the monster is actually the mythical creature the Cthulu. while slushos secret ingridient comes from deep inside the sea. upon drilling for this ingridient the cthulu was awaken. im not sure about the rest of the detail. and if you go deeper EVERy single website that has to do with the 1-18-08 arg (a.k.a cloverfeild) there is a sign its a sword with what seems to be a plume of dust surrounding the bottom. where i have found it.

1-18-08.com: click on the teddy hansen photo and wiggle your mouse it should flip over the sign is on the top left corner

slusho.com: top left corner again

Anonymous said...

slusho is a drug that makes you happy or feel good.

Sully said...

Look i dont know much about slusho all i know is that it has some connection with the movie but i have watch the movie atleast 15 times and dont know it all but i can share some of my theroies. Ok first the little thing that bit and make you explode (gross) I believe those are some kind of external anti-body, think about we have white blood cells that are tiny but multiply it times what ever the monster's size is and you got a pretty big white blood cell. It only because it felt threatened it released those. Second, the triology or second movie. when going across the Brooklen Hud looks at the statue of liberty and back at the bridge THERE IS ANOTHER GUY VIDEO TAPING also i may have seen the same guy in the helicopter that liby. Also before the heli's the monster steps BACK ONTO a tank meaning the monster has no clue why these things are attacking me and opps i think i stepped in something. now also on the bridge the monster hits it with its tail not ITS ARM why who knows maybe it was a accident. If it would have hit it with its arm then it would try to hurt and kill us on purpose. Now the odd thing that i need help on. On 1:06:54-55 after the heli crash there is a odd image of a... gorilla like from a odd black and white movie. what does it mean... or did someone randomly threw it in there to get a laugh. also on the egg/satelite comment i cant tell what it is but if it is a egg it my have a tie back to slusho.

Theses are my Theroies by :


If you have any Questions ask me at my Myspace


Thank you

Anonymous said...

I have read most of the comments on here, and if the monster came from the sea, what was the signifigance of that meteor falling into the ocean at the end of Cloverfield???

Anonymous said...

well my friend told me that in the movie at the ennd where the tape cuts to the man and the woman at coney island on the wheel you can see in the back ground that something fell into the ocean behind them
that was thought to be slusho satilite!And that the company that the guy was going to japan for was a job for slusho!
what think about that piece of info!

Anonymous said...

I think that the secret ingredient was eaten by one of the parasites and it grew and turned into Clover.

Anonymous said...


slusho contains sea nectar
clover lives off it
Tagruato is useing it all up
causing clover to go on to land
as you will notice the first thing it attacks is a Tagruato oil tanker
prehaps this is also carrying some "sea nectar" for slusho
this could also explain why clover got so big and why its eating people

if you look on http://www.jamieandteddy.com and click on the photo
the password is jllovesth

watch all the videos

the thing labled do not eat is a form of the "sea nectar"

http://www.missingteddyhanssen.blogspot.com this site also has some information

but this one is the most important


the username and password are
user: alysehanssen password:11112014349

now i belive that teddy hanssen was the one who got these pictures and got killed by the moster

this was being covered up by Tagruato

Tagruato itself has many enemy one being Tidowave this organisation feels that Tagruato is a major contributor to global warming

this may have a connection to why Tagruato's sattalight feel out the sky


i belive that the Tagruato and teddy hanssen storys were put in place to
add a back ground for the story
to people off the sent of the real plotline before the film came out
and to spark more of an interest

any questions
email or im me at chihuahuahun1471@hotmail.com

Patrick Blair said...

In Happy Talk it sometimes it says "Bring Slusho to England!" Maybe Cloverfield 2 will take place in England.

Pat said...

The nectar could be the main source of food for the creatures. Once they've cut short, they came from the depths in search of it. [migrate]

Spyder said...

Okay I've been doing some reading on other sights finding other theories and so I'm gonna lay down a few here:

One that I found is that parasites (the ones that come off of Clover) actually live on Clover and that the secret ingrediant for slusho is some sort of liquid from these parasites. Drinking haveing this liquid enter your body (Via bite,drinking slusho,etc) will cause your stomach to explode(Don't know how though).

Evidence supporting this is sometimes in happy comments it will say "Your stomach will explode with happy" or something like that. I also saw on the happy talk comments said how one of the flavors would be infectious.

Another quote i found supicious was "drinking slusho makes me feel "happy" " Notice the quotations around happy i don't know what this means but its odd.

on jamieandteddy.com after entering the password on the page with the vids you can see a sword in the top right corner this is all I have right now sorry if this wasn't new or helpfull i just needed to throw all this out

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