Will Cloverfield Be Politically Correct?

A little side note to ponder while we wait on more Cloverfield/1-18-08 movie news to appear.

A few people have commented on forums about one of the Cloverfield characters alleged MySpace profiles when one character in particular, Lily, mentioned attending a speech by Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and referred to Clinton as our "countries next President." [more]

The addition of political views to a MySpace blog is innocent enough. However, there might be more to this little connection than just a MySpace profile.

Katie McGrath Abrams, a public relations exec and wife of "Cloverfield" producer J.J. Abrams, is part of a group of Hollywood executives which have teamed with a veteran Washington Democratic to create a political production company with an eye toward playing a major role in the 2008 election.

This group is called First Tuesday Media and has kept a low profile since being formed last year. So low of a profile that it was just this week that the organization was announced/discovered after being founded last year as reported by the Washington Post (see: Hollywood Players Form Political Production Company)

First Tuesday's goal is to utilize the creative minds of Hollywood to make various content, including web based and television media, with specific intent to push a political agenda.

With a critical Presidential election gearing up it will be interesting to see how or if First Tuesday Media will be involved with the Cloverfield project. If the movie continues its viral ways and the characters start to develop through their social networks like MySpace, it will be interesting to see if First Tuesday dips their toes into the Cloverfield pool.

The relationship of First Tuesday and JJ Abrams has already overtaken the Abrams marital connection. According to the Resumé of Rosser Goodman, a 1st A.D. on various movies, TV shows, and commercials, Rosser worked with director JJ Abrams for a "Get Out The Vote" commercial in 2006 for First Tuesday Media Productions.


Anonymous said...

I was just looking at the website with the pictures, and i found that you can actually flip the pictures over! One says...

"Dont forget who takes care of you"
Love J

the other says

Loscano, Platt, and Robbie
Here, use this photo to send a message of my hotness far (these next 2 words are kinda blurry) and wide!!! Im gonna miss the hell out of ya!

If you keep the site up long enough you can hear the monster roar again. Just try and flip the pictures!

Anonymous said...

I'm a registered democrat and I think if that's intentional to slip in an endorsement, then that's crap. How is this PC, though? Unless it's a play on the phrase....

DWBincharleston said...

possibility of what 1-18-08 is about
Rom 1:18
For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who hold the truth in unrighteousness;
Rev 1:18
I [am] he that liveth, and was dead; and, behold, I am alive for evermore, Amen; and have the keys of hell and of death.

Anonymous said...

http://www.1-18-08.com/ ok I just fig something out about this THE PICS FLIP OVER!!!! & some have words on the back LIKE

1. Dont forget who takes care of you!! Love J

2. Here, use this photo to send a message of my hotness far and wide!!! Im gonna miss the hell out of ya!! Love Jamie

BUT!!! wait a moment if the pics where taken the same night this went down how did they wirte on the backs of them...and if the the city was under attack how are you still going to write TAKE CARE & IM GONNA MISS THE HELL OUT OF YOU...

and for the people that are slow the pic that Jamie signed dosen't have Jamie in the pic it has LASCANO,PLATT And ROBBIE...soo???

and both are signed with a J..... well Jamie & J and if J is Jamie the handwriteing is not the same SOOO who is J? hell for that matter who is Jamie??

ok ok so to get the pics to flip make sure the one you want to flip is on top and no other pic is on top of it....press and hold the left mouse button and shake the pic just little..

P.S. not all the pics have words on the back BUT this is as of
10:00am Sep. 13th 2007...as we all know the site keeps getting updates


Anonymous said...

I was messing with the photos earlier. And by stacking them on top of each other neatly and clicking about the site I heard a few sound effects. One of which is the roar of the monster. Don't have the time to futz with it anymore so somone might want to roll with it.

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