Cloverfield Monster: It's Still Alive?

Contains Spoilers to the Movie!

cloverfield rob hawkins
More debate and mystery surrounds the Cloverfield ending. When you sit through the 12 minute ending credits, which I recommend to witness the killer "(Roar!) Cloverfield Overture", you will find a garbled audio track at the very last part of the credits. It sounds like Rob is still recording on the camera. Here's a clip of the audio track.

It sounds like someone says "Help us..." and a bunch of garbled audio. However, the guys at Unfiction have played the last part of the audio clip backwards to reveal this (click the blue triangle to play)

At the very end you'll hear: "It's still alive!"

Freaky! The Cloverfield Monster is still alive. So that brings us to the next question. Will there be a Cloverfield sequel? Can we see Cloverfield 2 in the near future?


artboymoy said...

Thanks for the following up the audio track after the great Roar music. My friends and I were wondering what was said there and if it does say "It's still alive" backwards, was that Rob saying it? Is he still alive?

I kept far away from any info on the movie and didn't know about all the hype that was going on. I just kinda wished that the shakey cam stopped at some point. Closed my eyes a couple times but I could figure out when something was going to happen so I didn't miss anything. All in all I enjoyed it.

You also provided an excellent review. Here's looking forward to Star Trek at the end of the year.

Anonymous said...

Anyone know if "Roar! (Cloverfield Overture)" will be made available for purchase/download? Incredible suite of music.

Anonymous said...

It's more like "I'M STILL ALIVE!" Who doesn't know the monster is still there.

SpaceMonkey said...

I agree that the shaky camera view was a bit much. It made me feel ill and I had to shut my eyes a couple times. It was a cool effect and all, but a break from it now and again with a steady shot would have been a nice relief.

It was a fun flick though.

Anonymous said...

I really liked the camcorder effect. Granted it WAS a little disorienting, I think it added to the pandemonium.
I'm pretty sure I spelled that wrong.
A lot of people say this movie was horrible and the monster looked fake.
I disagree, horribly.
This is one of the most original movies I've seen in a while.

Anonymous said...

Loved it. This movie was so impressive. It really made me feel like I was deep in the action the whole time. If the camera shaking bothered you, then you probly have some brain defect. Aren't you more advanced than that?

dafiedla said...

The movie's a blast. As far as the monster looking fake, where's the point of reference? As monsters go, it looked pretty monster-like to me.

Angel said...

It was pretty good but I have to say the shaking and camera movement was very disorienting and made me nauseous. I had to close my eyes through alot of the movie. I liked the idea and plot of the movie and i think the mystery behind it really hyped it up bigtime. If there's a sequel, please tone down the moving/shaking camera. LOL

Anonymous said...

I had a full heavy lunch before watching Cloverfield and I did not feel sick at all. The movie is amazing and I think I want to see it again, it's different and unique and I like it.

jay said...

It sounds like "Is it still alive". Either way, a sequel is coming.

Taxman said...

I loved this movie. I really REALLY want a sequel to happen. It depends on how they go about it that would make it exciting or disappointing.

Josh said...

Well, they've said that they're not sure as to whether it would be a sequel further into the future or simply from another 1st person camcorder from the same attack.

I think the latter would be awesome - especially with tie ins to the first movie since JJ seems to be insane good at tying things together.

Sarah Canalija said...

this movie was awesome! i hope they make a sequel. that monster wasn't fake at all... it was sexy! i'd hit that all day and night ;-)

Anti-Sarah Canalija said...

for those trying to figure out the photos, i think ive discovered something... it sounds a little crazy, but trust me, it'll creep you out!!!

the smudged letters on photo 5 are A,W,N,D which can only be wand or dawn. the smudged letters on photo 2 are E,S,C,A,R,E which people speculate mean scare with an extra e. BUT... i inserted all 6 letters into an online word unscrambler and i got two options, crease and CESARE!! i googled "dawn cesare" and came up with this poem called "Cesare Pavese". here is the link to the poem, and tell me while reading it that it doesnt creep you out! either it's a coincidence or Mr. Abrams is a GENIUS!


Anonymous said...

wow that is so cool! of course it is saying "its still alive"...definitely goin to be a sequel! :)

Anonymous said...

^^^^^ Hes rigth, here's an excerpt from the above Poem

Black earth red earth,
you come from the sea,
from the arid green,
where there are ancient
words and bloody toil
and geranium among rocks—
you don't know how much you bring
of toil and words from the sea,
you're rich like a memory,
like the barren countryside,
you hard and sweetest word,
ancient because of the blood
gathered in the eyes;
young, like a fruit
that is a memory and a season—
your breath rests
under the sky of August,
the olives of your look
sweeten the sea,
and you live and live again
without amazement, certain
like the earth, dark
like the earth, a grinder
of seasons and dreams
that reveals itself under the moon
to be so old, just like
the hands of your mother,
the bowl of the brazier.

Anonymous said...

Two words:

Gotta make the sequel.

Dorito said...

I didn't even notice the shaky cam. As someone who has done a bit of camcording, I suppose that I have grown used to it. I loved the movie. So many questions are raised with answers not given where I want a sequel, or even a third movie. Truly amazing. Plus the need to be able to think about what is going on, I felt pulled into the movie.

Lycanthrope said...

Let me just say that I Loved this movie. The camera was shaky i admit, but what would you be doing in that situation? it was a realistiic way of producing the movie and i marvel at they're accomplishment. I also am pleased that there was no dramatic music that i can recall, it was all lifelike. If told so, this movie could be believed to be an actual event.

Lycanthrope said...

I have an odd comment. In the movie when the tape in the camcorder is played at the part showing Rob and his friend in a ferris wheel at coney island, when the camcorder pans over the ocean view, at the far right you see a large anomity drop into the ocean unnoticed. The creator of the movie JJ adams or something, explained that the creature has been in the bottom of the ocean in a sleeping state for hundreds of years. if this is true, I doubt that rob is over one hundred years old being that the large anomity dropping into the ocean was the creature.. Could it be another creature? or.. something else?

Casey said...

i really enjoyed the movie. it was totally original and the shaky cam was the point. it wasnt supposed to be a proffesional but some guy that was scared and confused.
he was smart for filming it. the ending was really great. every one in the theatre was pissed but i loved it. i cannot wait for the sequel. i heard about a possible sequel where we see other points of view. because anybody can film on a camera phone or a camcorder. we are the youtube generation. its still alive?! awesome. i cannnnnt wait. ohh

and the thing that drops into the ocean is a satellite according to jj abrams disturbing the creature that has remained dormant.

tekaz said...

what an interesting movie. that's all that needs to be said. the camcorder really made me feel like i was right there and thus i jumped a few times during the movie. i honestly wasn't expecting any of it. the ending is incredible and leaves anyone wondering what will happen. i smell a sequel; failing that another film from another camera's perspective. all in all, a legendary horror flik.

Anonymous said...

Blue triangle? It's a freaking play button.

Anonymous said...

check this out:

"Visions of success for Tagruato's Bold Futura subsidiary are no longer limited by gravity. In its first month orbiting Earth, the satellite "Hatsui" has been at peak performance—busily collecting data and securing samples. The satellite signals the first effort by Futura's space program, and is heralded company-wide as a huge success. Images taken by it's cutting edge TagFutura KrystaLens were described by CEO Ganu Yoshida as, "a revelation in imagery." Grinning big, he added, "This equipment will open eyes to worlds never before imagined. It is a bright, united future for all of us." And he meant it. In their latest gesture to reach out to fellow man, Tagruato used the Hatsui satellite to try to identify a rogue piece that is thought to have fallen off of the Japanese Government's "ChimpanzIII" satellite. Although Hatsui’s work has not yet been able to confirm the identity of the fallen piece, Tagruato scientists and engineers are busily trying to track and recover the fragment. According to Hatsui data, it disappeared into the Atlantic Ocean late last week.

Bold Futura's Head Aeronautical Engineer Wada Arinori proudly touted the watchdog effort as the first of many. Hunched happily over a computer, he beamed, "In my 11 years for Tagruato, I see us grow in power, and also in caring. Such teamwork effort is huge stride."

Future plans for the Bold Futura space program are still under wraps. Although with the success of Hatsui and ample funds dedicated to development and galactic research, it is certain to be big. Added Yoshida, "Our first step into space was a triumphant one. Our next will be unforgettable." "

I found this on the Tagruato website. I think we know what fell from the sky now, huh? It proably woke the damn thing up.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone noticed the photos on 1-18-08.com? I don't know if anyone's noticed these things yet but;

First off; the picture of some ocean whale corpse on a beach. WTF.

Also; there's two pictures of things exploding. (One's green and the other is the oil rig with black smoke?) Does anyone notice blurred spots under both explosions? Like the photo was tampered with to hide something underwater from the explosions. Just saying.

Next: the slusho.jp website -- Click the History Bubble, and read the story (Click the next arrow) to reveal that the Scientist guy found an ingredient in the sea, and had a dream where he was a fish, and a whale came and said "Drink lots and lots of this!" and soon, he went from a small fish to a giant whale!"

Apparently, this ingredient is now in Slusho. "Served cold because that's how it was found in the deep of the ocean."

And the "Happy Talk" section is kind of strange. They have random quotes like "Slusho is my favorite treat!", then strange quotes in different font that are completely unrelated to slusho. Or at least awkwardly placed. Like one was like "Why is the number 6 so special in regards to Slusho?"

And all these quotes suggest that Slusho has some drug affects like happiness and dreaming?

The creepest "Happy Talk" is one that says "Slusho makes my stomach explode with happy!"

Stomach explode?

One quote says just plainly "she's one of them"

Also; the Ganu Yoshida guy in the story is the head of Tagruato - and there's some information on the Tagruato website about Seabed's Nectar that makes "accelerated cell growth, increased strength, increased soft muscle tissue growth, sharper eyesight, better digestion, smoother skin, and a full-body, pleasant sensation"

This is crazy.

Oh and one last thing - That picture on 1-18-08.com of the Japanese Chef? Why is that jar in the background suspiciously highlighted in a luminescent light?

And the recipe on the back of that photo includes Deep Sea Nectar. "Make sure you eat it cold!"

Wikipedia's page makes it sound like if the ingredient is heated, bad things will happen?

Interesting stuff.

Anonymous said...


I don't see it at the end.

JKAZ said...

Good Movie? Yes
Great Movie? No

I liked how it was more about the characters and less about the monster. that was one of the benifits of not showing the monster much.

Most intense part of the movie? My friend puking four times all over the movie theater floor. Classic.

Cole said...

umm...how thought to play that backwards? just wondering... :)

Anonymous said...

What i know from an hour or so of investigating and some guessing:

Slusho is a drink in japan, that rob is gonan be president of the company, An important ingrediant is mined underwater very far down, wheres its very cold. What i guess is the monster became mad after awaking and threw the machine with all its might( u see it falling at the end pf the movie)
It was prob either hungrey or still mad and came to the surface and atcked the city. Living in such harsh conditions underwater(extreme cold or hot(near volcanoes) and extreme water presure) makes it very strong skined and someone said before it coudl have fast cell regenration.
The things that come off the "clover"(what i call it) are either babies or parasites. i favor parasites. Apperently when they bite u they must have some enzyeme that liquifies you,( this enzyeme is so strong it makes human explodede, Parasites might prey on something larger then humans liek whales making there acidic enzyemes so strong) Most weaposn had no effect on the creture except the last bomb droped off that (forgot name) fighter jet. So its prob still alive, but either it moved on to antoher city or was killed eventualy beacause the camera was found by the gov't.

Srry for typos i fixed a few I found by skimming.

I found it hard that rewinding help us( or whatever it was) into Its still alive. But i hope it does say that becuz i really want a sequal( or another film at the same time but diff person.

Last thing: I found it hard that they didnt notice a big monster standing behind them when they crashd at the end. Either it was alrdy there but thye it would have attcked them, Or it woalked there but that woudl have made a lot of noise.

Anonymous said...

^ above comment i posted i forgot one thing

Theres an interview with reeves and at some point he suggest that the "clover" could be a baby and looking for it mommy meaning 1 thing. Its mom is gonna look for it and imagine how big the mom is...

Anonymous said...

Ok, i dont know what the deal with this is, but at the http://www.1-18-08.com/
website, like the guy said above, the random chef. fli[ that thing over but make sure your sound is on, and you can after a couple of seconds, you hear this reaaaaly creepy roar. I didn't expect it and i almost peed my pants

s-man said...

More weird shit at the http://www.1-18-08.com/ website. If you drag the photos to the right & do a quick reverse to the left with your mouse, the phot flips over the photo and some of the photos have writing on the back. The photo with the nutty looking Japanese chef has a bunch of Japanese writing. No idea what it says. The photo with "Robbie ? " shooting some liquor ( 12:01 am ) has "Don't forget who takes care of you, Love J". The photo from 12:04 am also has writing on the back. I think we need a Japanese translator to see what that message says. The other messages from the party likelhy don't mean much.

s-man said...

having problems getting this to post, but the http://www.1-18-08.com/ website photos have hints of a sequel. See the photos of the beached whales that ahve been mutiliated and also have big bites taken out of them. Then there are several photos of some naval/military engagement at sea with explosion, A-10 aircraft, F-22 aircraft ( has to be in the future )& Aegis cruisers. There are also phots of what looks like the aftermath of an atack by a monster.

s-man said...

Here's some monster time-line/back story theories:
Go to
the "Headlines" section of the Tagruato website (http://www.tagruato.jp/headlines.php?story=news_08_01_03) and see that the post after the Dec.22 2007 fish market story talks about a piece of a satellite that has fallen into the Atlantic ocean. So this would have happened after Dec. 22 2007. The next headline is that there was an "altercation" at the Chaui Station. The Chaui station is Tagruato newest deep sea drilling station ( opened Sept. 2007, along the Mid-Atlantic Ridge)see this link: http://www.tagruato.jp/deepsea2.php. The press release from Tagruato blames "eco-terror cells" from a group called Tidowave. Other sites have now picked up on this as well. I called the number in Japan ( +81-3-5403-6318 ) and you get a recording in Japanese, & then English stating that relatives are being contacted etc. It sounded like Tagruato is trying to cover its tracks for whatever happened at Chaui station. Tidowave may be a smokescreen, or it may have been a as yet unknown part of releasing the monster ( think of the Army of teh twelv Monkeys )

s-man said...

anyone here remember the date/time stamp of the Coney Island video footage from the Cloverfield movie? ( ending scene )It should fit sometime after the "Disturbance" at Chaui station.

s-man said...

I'm not posting anything else! I'm finding other sites have already been where I am now. I just found a great YouTube link regarding what happend at Chaui station. I was on the right track!

Tuffpoo said...

heck this site out it tells u how monster got created?


Tuffpoo said...

for my post above heres the guess for the thing at the end. From tagruatos website saying they lost a satelite fragment from "ChimpanzIII" and by the way Coney Island is on the Atlantic ocean this is not my idea its from here: http://www.bloody-disgusting.com/news/10946

Hatsui Satellite Works for the Futura

Visions of success for Tagruato's Bold Futura subsidiary are no longer limited by gravity. In its first month orbiting Earth, the satellite "Hatsui" has been at peak performance—busily collecting data and securing samples. The satellite signals the first effort by Futura's space program, and is heralded company-wide as a huge success. Images taken by it's cutting edge TagFutura KrystaLens were described by CEO Ganu Yoshida as, "a revelation in imagery." Grinning big, he added, "This equipment will open eyes to worlds never before imagined. It is a bright, united future for all of us." And he meant it. In their latest gesture to reach out to fellow man, Tagruato used the Hatsui satellite to try to identify a rogue piece that is thought to have fallen off of the Japanese Government's "ChimpanzIII" satellite. Although Hatsui’s work has not yet been able to confirm the identity of the fallen piece, Tagruato scientists and engineers are busily trying to track and recover the fragment. According to Hatsui data, it disappeared into the Atlantic Ocean late last week.

Bold Futura's Head Aeronautical Engineer Wada Arinori proudly touted the watchdog effort as the first of many. Hunched happily over a computer, he beamed, "In my 11 years for Tagruato, I see us grow in power, and also in caring. Such teamwork effort is huge stride."

Future plans for the Bold Futura space program are still under wraps. Although with the success of Hatsui and ample funds dedicated to development and galactic research, it is certain to be big. Added Yoshida, "Our first step into space was a triumphant one. Our next will be unforgettable."

Anonymous said...

"Cloverfield" is like a very expensive, glossy monster movie variant of "The Blair Witch Project".

An original variant on the monster movie? Yes.
A good movie? I think it is OK - I didn't really feel attached to any of the main characters and so I didn't feel for them when they were in peril.

The military scenes were good though, but very quickly, I thought it was ludicrous that anyone would carry on filming during a monster attack/army firefight and Hud was actually so annoying that I was glad he was eaten!

But that is just me!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

How did our 3 heroes survive a helicopter crash unscathed when both pilots were dead on contact? Also, why did the monster leave manhattan to take a brief break in central park just to kill Hud? Just a few of the many inconceivable details that kept this from being a great movie, although i'd be lying if i said i didn't enjoy it.

Anonymous said...

at the slusho website(click on the picture above and on the left) and at the website click on history at the bottom of the picture there is a crb holding a sign for leafing through the pages click oh him very fast and he starts to grow bigger and bigger,showing another sign of the connection between slusho and the size of the creature
if you get any more info emai me at


Anonymous said...

Honestly it sounds more like "Is it still alive?". Possibly someone asking that who found the camera because there's obviously no way Rob or Beth are still alive, although the monster may have survived, Humans definitely would not.

Anonymous said...

And another thrillig Clue

Beth was lying (still) in her appartment of her dad and she had if you could see it, a large stake through her chest and then they pulled her out with the three of them.

"Auch yeah I just had a large metal some kind of rusty stick in my boob but thats okay, I can run run, the roof is on fire"

But out of that the movie was great though, really original and realistic

Anonymous said...

To post 42. Central Park is in Manhattan. It's right next to Columbus Circle where they rescued the GF

Anonymous said...

To post 41. Central PArk is in Manhattan, just next to where the building Beth was rescued.

Anonymous said...

Awesome movie, and yeah the camera effects were a bit disorienting at the beginning, once you got used to it it added to the effect. Like i said this movie was great, one of the best I've seen in a long time, however it had to be the single worst ending in a movie I've ever seen. The end had so little closure that i almost regret seeing it because of how much of a sense of loss i had at the end. There were so many places the producers could have gone from that point and to end it there seems like a crime because of how amazing the rest of the film was. RIP Hud

Anonymous said...

It was a good flick, I liked it. I think the only people in the theater that will disagree with me are the 3 young ladies that were sprayed by my projectile vomit about half way through the movie. Don't recommend any boozing or heavy eating beforehand.

Anonymous said...

Anyone speak Russian and catch what the Russian guy who approached Hud was saying?

Anonymous said...

I loved the movie and I've been reading all the comments here. Just wanted to toss this out there for some thought. Someone was talking about towards the end of the movie in the scene where Rob and Beth are on the Ferris Wheel and you see something drop from the sky and into the ocean being some sort of satellite which is what wakes the monster at the bottom of the ocean. Does anyone find it kind of strange that right now there is some sort of spy satellite crashing down to earth that supposedly may be carrying hazardous material and it is due to hit earth around the end of Feb. or early March? They don't know where it is going to hit or what effect it will have. Keep in mind that most satellites crash into the ocean. Now there's some food for thought! LOL
There's gotta be a sequel and I can't wait!!

Anonymous said...

49 - I didn't even realize that they were Russian until the third time I saw the movie... Thought that they were Asians..

All in all couldn't really understand them; many thanks to the dick weed behind me talking at the time

ollieg said...

i saw the film the first time it came out in england and i have to say AMAZING it really made you fell as if you were there it was so real i actualy felt sick.

but there is one thing.

how does the monster get there'were did it come from and what happened to it at the end.

but i hope theres a number 2

Anonymous said...

After reading the above comments, i have come to conclusion of what i think happened. First of all, at the end of the movie you see a satellite fall into the water. A company probably tried to look for the satellite and discovered something else. What they discovered was an ingredient which helped people feel great (as in increasing their cell growth ect.) The company probably took this ingredient to scientists in Japan who told them its benefits to a person. They probably teamed up and created a company producing "Slusho" which contained this ingredient. Rob was supposed to go to Japan to be a vice president for a company which is probably the company which produced slusho. He was probably part of the team which drilled its ingredient out of the ocean. Now for the monster... what i believe they were drilling was actually the monster itself. The monster probably woke up after a large amount of drilling was done on it. Angry and confused it awoke and found itself in a strange new environment (NYC). It probably did not deliberately try to kill people or knock buildings down but was just curious. When the army started shooting at it, it was confused and irritable. THe reason i think they were drilling the monster itself, is that the little creatures coming off the big monster's skin contained an ingredient which made a person explode most likely due to increased cells, pressure on the stomach ect. When the little monster bites people it puts too much of the ingredient into them which makes them explode.

bluezamboni said...

Japanese text on the back of the picture of the chef: (dunno if anyone else has translated yet...if you have, sorry)
its a recipe, from the tasty-chef, for some sort of chicken dinner. It says here's the recipe of the week, please ensure you chill well before eating. then lists the recipe....things like chicken and shitake mushrooms, etc, but then includes these two ingredients, which i'm not sure what they are...they're foreign ingredients named Kabra [sic] and Kleson [sic], then the final ingredient is "something" from the seabed...(sorry coudln't figure out what the character for "something" meant...i know that sounds pretty crucial....then goes on to give details of how to make the food, and at the end, it says immediately before taking out the "thing" from seabed (it has to be kept chilled), include in the sauce (not sure if this means the chicken or the "thing") and then add lots and enjoy. Signed Go Go Tasty chef. recipe number 3912. so dunno what exactly it all means, but definitely shows that the japanese were using the "thing" that they found in the seabed in food, and that there's probably more than one recipe for this stuff...as it seems like a weekly show.

Anonymous said...

Great film. Loved it loads. What a great start to the year for films. Hope there is a sequel

Anonymous said...

Like Lizzy Caplan said either you'll like it a lot or you'll hate it. Guess what...

I LOVED it!!!

Very exciting and original movie.
Sequel, now!

Anonymous said...

Went to see it last night. What a film!

Not sure if anyones posted this on here already, but I got told about this..


Look on his top friends and there are links to them all! there's a bit on there about Slusho on his blog, and Hud left an interesting comment about it!

Anonymous said...

First the reverse playback make no sense to me.
Second *every* "horror" movie leave the opportunity for a sequel.
I guess it was poor also in that

Nate said...

I don't know if anyone mentioned this, but on the 1-18-08.com website if you stay there for a few minutes you can hear this loud roar.

Hijack said...

Well i think its a very good movie, its special, i mean not averybody is going to like it, but for me its a very good movie, with lot of expectations for a sequel, althou im still researching for whats really the monster about and all the green drink and that stuff

Anonymous said...

The movie is a crap, and is all nonsense. ¿nobody knows a meteorite has fallen?. ¿Can you drink something from the deep sea and is cheap?. How can a monster survive all the weapons used agains him?. And how can the parasites fallen from the monster be easily smashed by a thin alcoholic girl and the soldiers cannot beat them?

Anonymous said...

I'm sick of people trying to find plot loopholes to rip apart a good movie. It WASN'T supposed to have closure at the end. Do you really think that Rob and his girl were going to find out everything about the monster? Did you think they'd see the monster die after the nuke? of course not, because the characters are BELIEVEABLE. except Hud filming the gunfight. that was a stretch. if you were in the same position as they were, would you know anything? no, but if you're curious, that's what the ARG is for. It was a damn fine movie in my opinion, and i hope there's a sequel, hopefully during the same time period as Cloverfield.

Logan said...
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Cerulean said...

I can't edit posts... I'll just make a new one...

Watch This:
Matt Reeves Video Interview

Enrique said...

I just went to watch this movie some hours ago and it's true, the shaky camera is kind of disorienting, I have to say that I had a hangover, that was terrible! About the whole movie, it's not the kind of movie where the hero(es) kill the monster, I think that it's a really original movie.

Anonymous said...

Gracias por la pista de audio! efectivamente dice "Esta vivo!" en vuestro idioma, el ingl├ęs, por supuesto, je, je. Y si, creo que Cloverfield esta bien vivo... la pregunta es: ¿Y ahora donde atacara?

Saludos desde Argentina!!!!


Kheine said...

Its so sick that i've been staying 2 extra hours awake after i've seen the movie just to read through all these comments, and looked through the slusho site, myspace and everything. That Matt Reeves guy is a genius making the movie so realistic PLUS a fat background story which was meant for YOU to look up and to finally have a ok clear picture on why that monster appeared suddenly. I say its a really cool movie. Some wierd shit though like, the girl beating that creature, and soldiers gets owned??? In the ending, how the hell did that big shit show up out of nowhere making no sound????

Also, ppl saying a satellite is falling down to the ocean in the end of the movie? I dont see any :S

Anonymous said...

Has anyone noticed on 1-18-08 that you can flip the pictures over? Just wondering if there's a translation for the back of the picture with the Japanese chef on it.

Anonymous said...

Yeah like poster 59 said if you leave it on 1-18-08 website for like 10 mins you suddenly hear a loud roar!
I just thought of a possible idea about the monster, the slusho company get their secret ingredient from deep in the ocean or what-not, maybe the secret ingredient is in whales? Like the japanese eating whale blubber? Then maybe the monster wasn't as big as it is in the film when woken up? But when woken maybe it ate part of a whale like the pictures show and this caused rapid cell excelleration and caused it to grow.

One thing i don't understand though is that in the cloverfield 4 piece manga tie in that serves as a prequel the targatu (sp) corporation pull what seems to be the monster out of the ocean using a tanker. In the comic you see 2 large eyes begin to emerge from the water as the tanker pulls something, the comic is also about a japanese school boy who gets bullied and finds himself stuck on the same tanker i think.

Unless the tanker was out by the newly opened oil rig and found the monster, started to drag it through the water then it got pissed off and capsized the tanker, and its the one at the beginning of the film near the statue of liberty.

Anonymous said...

i dont know if anyone noticed but u can see a sea gull in the bottom center of the picture of the beached whale. also there are to whales in that shot the one that ismissing part of his skull and the other one that appears to be charred but anyways i noticed the sea gull. it give the picture some scale

Maximiliano said...

Humm... Guys, I think that I found another site linked to the movie, this one's kinda weird. I suspect this one's fan made though.


karen said...

just watched yesterday ( I am from Chile)
did U notice at the end, something fall down into the water when Beth sayd she had a great day????
i think i have to go to the cinema again hahahahaha

Psyclone said...

This can only mean one thing:

Cloverfield was created by GLaDOS.

Nuff' said.

thomas said...

Did anyone else seem to think that the monster was after Rob. Everywhere he went the monster was not far behind and not only that it was always coming in his direction. Plus the little ones found him in the tunnels and the building.. Just something to think about

Anonymous said...

49-he said(russian): stop,stop,stop,stop,
Listen to me ,Listen to me,my friend is (
Burned?Pinched? )...,please help me

Anonymous said...

I saw Cloverfield last night. I have to say I thought it was one of the cleverest, most original, visceral movies I have ever seen.

I mean, absolutely terrifying.

A classic. Brilliant.

Anonymous said...

omg!!! that audio clip is amazing! i never would have thought to play it backwards!!

Anonymous said...

amazing film saw it again today.

but one thing why does the monster spit Hud out? & also when they get attacked in the tunnels Hud says it felt like the parasite things were pulling him away...?

Anonymous said...

You only saw his head and part of his upper torso. Who knows what happened to the rest. The sounds of crashing bones gives a good impression, though.

Anonymous said...

HI, i am julian viscarret from argentina and i think the movie is great. i saw it twice. I believe that there´s not a monster there are 2 monsters...
why? watch the scene with the army atacking the monster and see the final scene when the monster kills hud.. it´s a smaller monster and it´s different.... watch it carefully...
see ya..
-s0lid snake- from argentina...

Great Movie!! said...

Oh god!!!
the night after i saw this movie i couldn't sleep thinking about what happened to the fucking monster, and how stupid was the end. Let me say "i'm an idiot" because i didn't noticed the thing that falls from the sky at the ending XD
well, about tha shaky camera, it almost made me barf @.@ and when marlena exploded i screamed XD i went to see it with my friends and when i screamed the looked like me as if they were to say "Idiot" or "pussy" hehe but they didn't do it after all.

Anyway, i didn't stayed at the end of the credits, talk about errors

Im from Mexico, i want you to tell me if my english is fine or a crap ^^

Anonymous said...


Busbitch said...

Cool flick. Mixture between Blair Witch and Godzilla. That shaky camera made me feel a part of the action and not just sitting in a safe place in a cinema. In some scenes i nearly jumped outta my seat because the tension was so massive. I think the main part in enjoying this movie is to integrate into the scenery. Imagine being Hud! All-in-all this just adds to the athenticity. There has to be a sequel!

Anonymous said...

I recently got the DVD and I frame-by-frame watched the monster eat Hud. I kept a close eye out for anything bloody... as the monster opens its mouth and the camera falls out, you can see Hud's legs hanging between a tooth, so you think that hud's still in its mouth. except maybe ten or eleven frames later, you see his torso, still holding onto the camera. Meaning that hud was torn in half...

epic death, man.

Anonymous said...

Don't know if anyone is still here but I was just able to we the whole movie, had to live the first time both people I went with got sick 15min into the film. Anyway here is my idea.
Tarugato who owns slusho has a space program and a medical company so years ago when they discovered slusho's secret ingredient they had to do research to get there formula right and in doing so found that its properties had numerous possibilities medical they then did animal testing somthing went wrong and since the properties become dormant at sub freezing temps decided to get rid of a monkey mom and here now altered offspring where it could never be discovered. Space on one of there satelites. Unfortunatly they did not expect it to malfunction hurling it back to earth where the secret ingredient could further mutate the monkeys allowing them to become semi semi acuatic surviving and growing on large fish and whales just to be disturbed by a drilling oil tanker thus setting of the scared wild animal rant on NY

Just a guess:)

Anonymous said...

oh yeah the smaller bug things falling off the two big monsters fleas.

Anonymous said...




Dan said...

a lot of people find the shaky-cam disorienting. some say it has the same effects as motion sickness. and that's because it IS motion sickness XD

for most of us who don't suffer from that, it's just incredible. there aren't enough films done from that point of view (although too many would ruin it)

i loved the film!!! the hype was lost on me, but i've been back through a lot of the viral marketing stuff and learnt just a little bit about the mysterious creature and its origins, but it's still pretty vague.

and it's still alive!!! fantastic. after all of the punishment, it even survived hammerdown. hope they do a sequel (well, i'm hoping they do the video footage story of the other guy on the bridge that had a camera...that'd be awesome to see his viewpoint and what happened to him that night)

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