Cloverfield Ending Video: What Fell From The Sky?

Spoilers discussed about the Cloverfield ending below!!

We've talked about the Cloverfield ending and how it looked like something fell from the sky (see: The Cloverfield Ending : Did Something Fall From The Sky?) That being said a clip of the incident has popped up online. It's still real hard to tell from this video. However, with a good eye you may see an object plop down and cause a splash on the horizon of the ocean when Rob films his trip with Beth on the Ferris Wheel.

Awhile back on the viral site for Tagruato there was a post about a missing satellite that fell into the Atlantic. Right now the timeline for the whole viral thing is out of whack. None of them coincide with the timeline for the movie so it's hard to gather what is really happening. See if you can get anything out of the video to help us figure it out.
"At the end of Cloverfield you can see something. Many believe that the origin of the Cloverfield monster is from space, and that might be true considering at the end of the movie something falls from the sky.

I still believe that the Targruto company was responsible b/c of their deep sea drilling, but maybe we'll find that out in the next movie.....i hope. The video isn't all that good and you might have to watch it in full screen, but i've seen the movie 3 times already and something does fall from the sky into the water....it happens on the horizon kinda near the boat."
Thanks for the tip, Brandon.


Anonymous said...

I have seen the movie twice now and watched the little vid you have and nothing falls from the sky. There is no monster falling from the sky at the end of this flick. This was totally made up by someone and the rumor is propagating around like wild fire. But its totally and completely bogus.

I went to the movie a second time today specifically to look for this and there is simply nothing there.

You people are looking so hard you are seeing things that don’t exist. Besides which a "thing" that falls out of the sky would not wait around for a month just off shore before it attacked. There are many other problems with this theory as well based on what the creature is in the first place.


AndyB said...

Great but do you realise that you an everyone popping out cell phones to record this stuff is so friggin annoying for people in the rows behind you.. I pad $13 to watch the movie not have the light from a cell phone distracting people in all the rows behind..annoying!

BLaCKFoG said...

There are always going to be skeptics. Why you two are so negative about it...don't know. But SOMETHING FALLS FROM THE SKY. I can understand not seeing it in the youtube video b/c the quality isn't all that great and if you didn't see it in the movies, then your blind.

i guess people like you are gonna have to wait till its out on DVD so you can pause it or wait till its on TV so you can TIVO it. What falls from the sky is far away and big b/c it creates a big slash.

Drawer2000 said...

I just found an article that confirms the object. Director Matt Reeves joked no one would find it.


taylors said...

You guys are ridiculous. There's nothing worth fighting over. Something fell out of the sky into the ocean. I saw it twice in the theatre, and both times I saw the thing fall. It might have been the missing satelite or the monster, or something unrelated. Stop being ignorant and blind. It happened. We ALL saw it.

Anonymous said...

It is obvious there is something falling, at least it was in my theater. I didnt even have to look for it, and it isnt the monster thats obvious becuase it is smaller.

Anonymous said...

ok i watched the cloverfield ending like 100 times and i dont see any thing FALL i just see a huge splash at the right side is that the monster or where does it fall???

Justin said...

My girlfriend and I just watched the DVD and CLEARLY something pod-like falls from the top right of the screen and splashes into the ocean in the last scene, right before the camera pans back to the couple for the last line. I caught it the first time and asked if she saw it, rewound the movie and again, clearly saw it. I'm not trying to explain it, just confirming that it clearly happens.

Sarah said...

If you CAN'T see whatever it is at the end of the movie falling into the water, you're going blind... seriously...

Anonymous said...

If you go to the slusho website, go to the contest information page and in the top lef corner there is a symbol. Then go the the 1-18-08 website and on the back of a "missing" photo is the same symbol. coincidence? I think so.

Anonymous said...

If you go the slusho website, go the the contest page. On the top left corner there is a symbol. Then go the the 1-18-08 page and on a "missing" photo there is the same symbol. coincidence? i think so.

Anonymous said...

At the end when they are dead and the camera flicks back to old footage of them at coney island watch the footage out to sea near the boat something falls into the sea quite clearly. Must be the creature...

Anonymous said...

jeez this guy below is a complete dumbass , i saw it without even concentrating !

and it might actually tie in nicely , as the creature in jj abrams own words was a "baby" wen seen through out the duration of the film , maybe it crashed into the sea and took a month to fully maturate , would explain why absolutely nobody saw it coming ...

matey below , your chatting complete bollocks , something does fall from the sky at the end , its not very big but its definately there ! get your eyes tested !

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