Does Cloverfield Exploit 9/11? Fox News Thinks So

Leave it to Fox News to find the worst in things. Neil Cavuto claims that for "Amercians" everywhere the movie is bringing back and exploiting September 11th. Cavuto finds a guest who thinks Cloverfield is a mistake and a result of producers trying to get rich off the destruction of 9/11. (source)

Fox Uses 9/11 Mother and "Cloverfield" to Terrorize Viewers


Anonymous said...

i can't fucking stand fox news.
They just make everything out to be the worst. I've never seen anything positive on Fox News Ever.
This is a MOVIE, which has nothing to do with 9/11, it just happens to be in the same fucking place.

Anonymous said...

What a dumb bitch. I'm sorry, but to take something everyone has known about and been looking foward to for so long and do this BS now is retarded. She just wants some attention. Nothing happened to the effing Statue on 9/11!! It's not like the monster is eating the twin towers here.
So basically now that 9/11 happned, there can be no movies about anything bad happening to NY. Damnit. Oh well.

Anonymous said...

Why can't she live with the fact that its a movie about the destruction of new yourk? that's it!! Do you see a bloody terrorist anywhere? No!! Dumb ass cow.

Someonewithsense. said...

What does a sci/fi horror/survival movie flick have anything to do with 9/11? Nothing. Zero. Zip. There is no connection to a monster (of sorts) that is destroying ( )<-enter city here, and a terrorist attack. All she did was make an ass out of herself on public TV getting an embarrassing extension on her 15 min of fame and fox stuck their foot in their mouth. For that matter woman, why don't you go picket video rental stores that have Die Hard: With a Vengeance from 1995, that movie actually depicts terrorists and explosions and New York. Oh yeah there is some chronological offset but I'm sure you can get fox to use their (amazing) talent & resources fabricate something that'll connect the Die Hard movie and 9/11 somehow.... Heck you did it with this one....

Anonymous said...

Fox, give that dumb bitch a dollar and her body sign that reads "Terrorist and movie makers are the same" back and put her on the corner where you found her. If she was traumatized by a movie poster she needs stronger medication and/or a padded room. Because it won't be too long before you read about her trying make a connection between a 2 year old child scribbling on a New York newspaper and terrorists from another country.

Anonymous said...

What Alice is missing in her comments is the fact that history influences our fiction, even subconsciously. The original Godzilla films were born of the horror of the atomic bombs dropped on Japan.
She says this movie parodies those images, but with all due respect to her loss, she apparently doesn’t understand what the word parody refers to. There’s no making fun of 9-11 here, but what the movie does tap into is the deep-seated dread of the idea that things on a huge scale can come and tear our lives apart, and many people (both in New York and elsewhere) feel helpless to stop it.
But what she cannot seem to grasp in the depths of her own grief is that is what fiction DOES. That’s what its for. It gives us an outlet to express our fears and world in a way that is “safe” to examine. That’s always what horror films were about, being able to look at death and the fear of death in a safe way, a pretend way.
One of the girls in the movie (as they are running outside the building) says “Is it another terrorist attack?” (So I don’t think the movie makers can say that that image wasn’t part of the creation of the Cloverfield Myth). But that doesn’t point to the idea of them cashing in 9-11 as this women seems to think. I believe this kind of fiction is just as valid an examination of our own fears as any of the “based on a true story” 9-11 movies.
Honestly I didn’t see anyone accusing “Firefly” of disrespecting the history of the Civil War (Maybe because no-one got to see the show. LOL) but I think the point is valid.
These posters have been out for months, and only now fox is paying attention before the film opens? I have to agree, fox is cashing in on this woman.

gangsterap997 said...

what an idiot this has nothing to do with alkaida it is a movie about monsters. WHAT A COMPLETELY RETARTED LADY


Zaden said...

So, apparently you can't make any more movies taking place in New York City that include explosions or monumental detachment.


Anonymous said...

Leave it to Fox News and an idiot to take all things out of any context and turn it against a freakin' monster movie. Stupid. Retarded. Ignorant. But most of all, fucknuts.

This is why Fox never gets my money or my attention.

Anonymous said...


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