Batman Viral: Operation Slipknot Has Begun

batman dark knight viralWanted! "Operation Slipknot"

Our pal Charlie has been keeping us up to date on the Batman: The Dark Knight viral world. He pointed out that the Gotham Police Dept. is sending him some emails for his involvement. The viral world of the Batman movie is one of the most involved I have ever seen. With the implementation of "Operation Slipknot" today (details below) there have been a couple of more viral sites and even more questions emerging.

I'll try to brush over some of the viral sites for Batman that are active right now. Some of this might be redundant to a few but bear with me as I try to catch up.

Gotham Police Department Major Crimes Unit (GPDMCU)

Det. Jim Gordon is issuing e-mails to people like Charlie to help get involved to nab some criminals. Their latest effort is "Operation Slipknot." Here is the first message sent in by reader Charlie:


Within the last twenty-four hours, many of your colleagues intercepted packages intended for the 30 fugitives pictured here.

These informants are now receiving this critical evidence.

MCU is standing by. We need the information in the packages to be uploaded AS SOON AS IT IS RECEIVED. We will process the information and implement our final apprehension/extradition plans by 6:00 pm.

Time is of the essence. Do not let these suspects escape the long arm of Gotham City justice at the last minute. Upload the information immediately.
/Film has broken down the site some more to help us all catch up. When you enter in the information into the "Operation Slipknot" site they claim you'll receive this message:

"Gotham Police Major Crimes Unit, in cooperation with the GPD Internal Affairs Division, needs you to help track down numerous offenders that are fugitives from justice. Interestingly, we’ve tracked all of these individuals to the same last known location: Gotham Intercontinental Hotel. But we don’t know where they’ve gone from there.

Call the hotel and convince the concierge to ship you a certain package that’s been sent there for each fugitive. Use the provided intel and whatever means you can to convince him that you’re the intended recipient, your travel plans have changed, and he needs to send the package to you. Once received, you should have all you need to fill in the blanks as to that fugitive’s location.

We will add details about additional fugitives as they become available. Time is of the essence, as we have only a short time before the trail runs cold. Your cooperation in this operation will go a long way. Good luck." (source)
Gotham Intercontinental Hotel

batman dark knight viralAs you can see there is another link embedded in there for the Gotham Intercontinental Hotel. Once there you can call the phone number (1-866-306-5589) on the bottom of the page and leave a message for the concierge. It's a recording stating they cannot answer your call but if you wait about 20 seconds after that a message system comes up.

Film School Rejects claims : "If you click on the “Assignment” button at the top right of the screen (of "Operation Slipknot"), you will see that you need to call the Gotham Intercontinental Hotel Concierge (1-866-306-5589) and convince them to send you a care package that has been left there for each of the listed fugitives. Once you receive that package, it will show you all of the information you need to proceed.

Clown Travel Agency

It looks like a lot of roots for "Operation Slipknot" began with the games from ClownTravelAgency.com from earlier this month. To get caught up on the Travel Agency see here for details. It involves some purple bowling balls. But the mastermind behind this game wasn't Heath Ledger's Joker. Nope. It was Commissioner Jim Gordon of the GPDMCU and his clever April's Fool Joke.

batman dark knight viralThe Clown Travel Agency led people to the Acme Security Systems (their main page here, the viral password goes here) where you enter in a password to get a voice verification. Try this yourself and you'll get a message from Gordon telling you he's now going to get you to work for him. Listen to the message from Gordon.

Whew! That should get us up to date on the GPDMCU aspect of the viral arm of Batman. Or, does it?

Kinsey Travel Agency

batman dark knight viralWith the "Slipknot" site out today there is reports of a new travel agency called Kinsey Travel Agency. It looks like there's a spot to enter a flight number for more info.

The Dark Knight Viral campaign is being spearheaded by 4orty 2wo Entertainment. They're doing a great job of keeping the fans busy while waiting for the movie to appear.


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