Fringe News: the Script from 'Fringe' and 'Dollhouse'

J.J. Abrams has finally let us know a little more about his upcoming TV project, "Fringe." The show will air on Fox and has a Pilot budget similar to "Lost" and story-wise is being compared to "The X-Files."

Sounds interesting already. Dark Knight Guru Charlie was digging around for some Batman news when he found this excellent script review of J.J. Abrams "Fringe."

We know that Joshua Jackson is one of the names set to star in the show which is shooting in Toronto, Canada. Now we know more of the story with the script of the pilot being let out for some critics to look over. One who writes for Zap2it sums "Fringe" up as " an X-Files meets Altered States meets Alias vibe that's immediately familiar and comfortable."

Altered States, for you younger folk, is a 1980 William Hurt flick about a research scientist who believes in different states of consciousness and he uses a sensory deprivation tank and hallucinogenic drugs to find the ultimate truth. But soon his mind-altering experiments get out of control.

Here's the rest of the article that deals with "Fringe":

Fringe Written by J.J. Abrams, Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman
What It's About:
When something disturbing, unexplainable and just a bit icky happens to the passengers on an international flight, FBI Agent Olivia Warren (Torv) begins an investigation that leads her to Dr. Walter Bishop (Noble), a renegade scientist whose unorthodox experiments into fringe phenomena led to arrests and eventually institutionalization. Warren can only get Bishop out with the help of his estranged son Peter (Jackson), a young man with a genius IQ, but questionable morals and motivation. The son isn't ready to reconcile with his father, the father isn't ready to be reintegrated into the outside world and Olivia isn't ready to serve as babysitter, but they form an unlikely team. How does the airplane tragedy relate to The Pattern, a spate of unexplained occurrences sweeping the world? And what does any of this have to do with the mysterious Prometheus Corporation, one of the world's most forward-thinking companies? And what do we make of Broyles (Reddick), the head of the Homeland Security's newly formed Fringe Division?

How It Reads: The script I read feels like an early draft. It's rife with typos and comes in at more than 110 pages, far longer than any two-hour pilot could handle. Once 20 pages of the script are trimmed, I'm assuming the pilot will play far better. The script has an X-Files meets Altered States meets Alias vibe that's immediately familiar and comfortable. The actual plot of the pilot could probably have fit into a standard hour, but Abrams and Company are making the effort to give the material a global scale and the script plants at least a half-dozen potential running mysteries that will allow Fringe to have both serialized elements and also freak-of-the-week plots. The set-up of these three individuals against a vast corporate/government conspiracy has been fruitful for Abrams in the past and there's no reason to believe that it won't work here. While Abrams has always been able to write carefully delineated female characters, Olivia is initially the weakest link in the show's core trio, another strong, career-minded female whose personal life threatens to undermine her professional prospects. The inevitability of a strained will-they/won't-they romance between Olivia and Peter already has me rooting for an expanded role for Astrid, the FBI underling to be played by Jasika Nicole.

How It Might Play: For FOX, the best thing about Fringe -- other than getting into the J.J. Abrams business, of course -- is that the series has the potential to partner with almost any established show on its schedule, depending on how they spin it. It's the story of two bickering partners solving crimes and flirting? Team it with Bones. It's the story of a brilliant and eccentric man with limited social skills? Let's match it with House. It's about a strong, single woman doing whatever she has to do to save the world? Sounds like a match with Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. While I can't speak for Torv, the other lead roles seem perfectly cast, though Fringe isn't going to be sold as a star-driven show. It's going to be sold as FOX's attempt to reclaim the X-Files demo that the network has jeopardized with the swift cancellation of too many shows from folks like Whedon and Tim Minear. The script lends itself to a large-scale pilot and it should leave viewers knowing exactly what to expect in the episodes to come, which is more than can be said for...
Be sure to check out the rest of the article to see the script review of another interesting show of the Joss Whedon series "Dollhouse."


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