1-18-08 - New Cloverfield Theories. Slusho and Cloverfield Monster Explained.

This week's episode of 'INSIDER INFORMATION' , in which mild mannered contestants pose as industrial moles and enjoy giving movie secrets, comes from mysterious John Murphy who likes to post on forums at SteakNBJ.com.

What's Cloverfield found this little tidbit of information in a post from John Murphy, who just happens to have the storyline from the first 1/3 of the movie. As usual, John is going out on a limb and having to mask his identity and computer trail to give us this information, so the least we can do is lend him an ear.

So, here's John's story. I'll post it below but be warned (in case he's telling the truth) that it contains SPOILERS!!!

John Murphy writes: (Possible Spoilers Below!! Last Warning!)

"Here is the first third of the film…About one billion (yes billion) years ago, life on Earth was still at the multi-cell level and they remained mostly in their habitat. One of the organisms was more passive and preferred a symbiotic relationship for their survival.

Another (and there were more) was more aggressive and preferred to control larger beings for their survival. Back then, the world had only one continent. The two organisms were separated, for the most part, by land.

But the aggressive organism had developed a taste for the passive one and tried to feed on it as often as possible by going around the land mass. Until a cataclysmic event changed things, burying most of the ancient organisms under the oceans. The surviving organisms either died off or evolved (later becoming humans and what not).

Fast forward to present day and we have Japan discovering the passive organisms buried off their coast and eventually came to the conclusion that the American continents (North and South) had drifted over the aggressive organisms (more on them later) during the past billion years.

Japanese scientists begin studying this passive organism and find that it is a perfect nourishment supplement to humans. Grown in an agricultural field on the island of Hokkaido, Japan, these organisms create the appearance of cloverfields. The scientists learn that these organisms are beneficial symbiotic parasites that give us additional nourishment and make us feel happy. Thus humans and the parasites become one.

They are kept cold to prevent them from dying from exposure until they are introduced into their host. Thus the development of the awesome and delicious drink – Slusho! (It makes me happy).

Rob is a college graduate who has been hired by Slusho and has just accepted an offer to work in their technologies division in Japan. Rob also knows the basics of the organism, the story that Slusho “invented” as a marketing campaign and has recently been informed that the scientists have found trace amounts of the aggressive organism.

This aggressive organism likes to pool up into a larger being, control it, own it, even change it. It also eats the smaller passive organism much the same way a whale will eat plankton. Slusho is now one of the most popular drinks. In it’s own right it is a tasty meal that does not add fat and is proven to be healthy with claims that it cures cancer and many other diseases.

Slusho and it’s by-products are now being flushed (literally) into the sewer systems and drained out to sea by way of urine, fecal matter and just straight unconsumed Slusho. This builds up on the ocean floor and eventually awakens a very hungry and aggressive organism.

This aggressive organism, hungry and well, aggressive, follows the sewer trail back to New York and emerges through the sewers breaking and igniting a natural gas pipeline in it’s effort to feed on the passive organism, which is now us."

What I like about Murphy's theory is how he's tied in all the clues, like Slusho (is people), Rob, and the Monster into one easy idea. It beats a lot of other theories I've seen in the last few weeks and it does work in the idea of "Parasite," which was originally what the monster was referred to in small forums.

No matter what the monster or belief behind it turns out to be, if we over think the whole thing we'll all be disappointed. I have never seen someone post on a forum with 'inside' information to be accurate so I'll leave that up to chance. Besides, Murphy doesn't really bring new material to the table. He just pieced together the information that's already out there. However, maybe it's just that simple...


Anonymous said...

i think ur completely wrong. towards the end of the movie after the bridge they hide under collapses, u go back to the original video when rob is on the beach ride, as the camera is panned on the sea, u think its a pretty view but just before the camera turns to beth u see something in the distance towards the right of the screen land into the sea.check it out again , i think this thing is alien.

Anonymous said...

I think Murphys theory is interesting but I have my own. I believe the whole slusho thing is tied in with the japanese government. I think the japanese were working on a top secret project to create a weapon. They wanted to create an indestructible being that only they can stop since they created it. They create this weapon or creature near the bottom of the ocean and feed the slusho ingredient to help it grow and become stronger. They monitor it's growth and also create the smaller spider creatures as a ground troop unit. They create this monster with the intention to bring down america, a sort of revenge for WW II. When they finally decide to release the creature they put it's container into a rocket, launch it into space and set it to release over New York. In the last scene of the film you see something splash into the ocean (the monster). It takes about a month for the creature to reach Manhattan and all hell breaks loose. It's my little theory I thought it sounded preety good. I think for the sequel they should show the how the japanese scientists created it. Face it the japanese have the technology the scientists and the drive to do something like that.

Anonymous said...

i agree with number 1 here....you see something fall into the ocean..its obviously alien....unless the creature made a huge dolphin dive a mile into the sky..

Anonymous said...

the comet doesnt change much about the theory, it could have simply hit in the seabed tearing open the source for either the monster or the slusho fields

Anonymous said...

why would it take a month for the monster to travel from coney island (wich is whare rob and beth are) to get to manhattan, which if you look on google maps is not far away. any way jj abrahams might bring out a sequel wich may tell more about the monster, its origin and other stuff.

Anonymous said...

why would the monster take a month to get from coney island (wich is whare rob and beth are) to get to manhattan. wich if you look on google maps is not that far away. also they might be bringing out a sequel wih may tell us more.

Anonymous said...

Maybe next time the monster can use Google Maps. What a dumbfuck

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