Cloverfield Has Its Hanso

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Someone at Bad Robot finally decided they might need to start working on the Cloverfield Project. Earlier this week saw a new picture added to the 1-18-08 website featuring a Japanese cook and his recipe. Today we have the Tagruato Corp website, which by all indications is fully involved with the 1-18-08/Cloverfield/Slusho movie.

JJ Abrams TV hit show 'Lost' has been fueled with mystery by the viral and fictitious Hanso Foundation. Those guys were a scientific group that created the orientation videos and various buildings on the island for unknown experiments.

Now, Abrams seems to have taken a page out of his own book and created another fictitious organization and having subsidiaries which include the infamous Slusho company. The Tagruato Corp is a deep sea petroleum drilling company based out of Japan with industry related subsidiaries.

Here is a statement from Tagruato Corp CEO Ganu Yoshida:

Tagruato is a collective of top scientists, engineers, and businessmen committed to leading our investors and the whole of mankind into the future.

We regard ourselves as explorers, and believe there is much more our planet has to offer than has already been discovered. We view every challenge as an opportunity for innovation. With our groundbreaking deep-sea drilling technology, Tagruato has positioned itself to become a world leader in energy resources, medical research, advanced technology production, and consumable product.

- Ganu Yoshida

Subsidiaries of Tagruato include YOSHIDA MEDICAL RESEARCH, SLUSHO!, BOLD FUTURA LOGO, and ParafFUN! Wax Distributors.


YMR is a genetic research firm specializing in deep sea bioprospecting.

YMR is a genetic research firm specializing in deep sea bioprospecting. YMR implements Tagruato's advanced exploration technology to study extremophiles found only in the deepest parts of our oceans. The understanding of such organisms that thrive in conditions of extreme pressure, temperature, and toxicity has boundless pharmaceutical and industrial promise.

We explore cold seeps and seamounts, where species diversity is known to be as high a 1,000 per square meter. Hidden among these deep sea ecosystems is the potential for medical advancements that will contribute to the future well-being of mankind. YMR doctors are currently developing marine biotechnology drugs that may one day be used as anti-cancer, antioxidant, antibiotic, and anti-malaria.

Treatment applications for Alzheimer's disease, cystic fibrosis, and herpes are also under consideration. Our hope and our belief is that the work being done at YMR will prove to be the key to a cure for the diseases that have plagued mankind for centuries.


Created by Tagruato C.E.O. Ganu Yoshida, Slusho! brand happy drink is a icy cool beverage that is rapidly becoming one of the company's most profitable expenditures. Slusho! contains a "special ingredient" that customers can't get enough of. Bearing the slogan, "You can't drink just six!", Slusho! has grown to the second most popular frozen drink in all Asian markets.

Hip adult drinkers have begun concocting deliciously intoxicating alcoholic mix drinks starring Slusho! The beverage's popularity has spawned overwhelming sales of brand apparel, a hit theme song, and coming soon: an animated television show starring the Slusho! Flavor Droids! The next step is to introduce Slusho! to the rest of the world.

A search is on for top marketing professionals who will be tasked with duplicating the drink's Asian popularity in the Western market. Our aspiration is to one day place Slusho! dispensers in every convenience store and mini mart. Slusho zoom!


Bold Futura is the contractor sector of our company principally engaged in the conception, design, manufacture and integration of advanced technology products. Our engineering technology is the most superior of its kind. A machine made with Bold Futura parts works where others fall to pieces. A vehicle made with Bold Futura equipment will travel where others cannot reach.

Our unique ability to function in areas of severe temperature or pressure can have desirable implications for our clients. In the past, Bold Futura has partnered with military organizations, space exploration institutions, and arms manufacturers. Confidentiality is the first pillar of Bold Futura.

We keep the identities, orders, and intentions of our patrons strictly to ourselves. If you are interested in partnering with us, email us at the address below. Let's build a bold future -- together!


One of the many byproducts of our Petroleum reservoir is paraffin wax, an alkane with dozens of handy uses in your day to day life! Edible, malleable, colorable, and a fine electrical insulator. ParafFun! Wax Distributors meets all your wax needs.

Making shiny candles? ParafFun!

Sealing a jar? ParafFun!
Coating your hard cheeses? ParafFun!
Gripping your surfboard? ParafFun!
Creating paintballs? ParafFun!
Preparing specimens for histology? ParafFun!
Coating your waxed paper? ParafFun!
Propelling your hybrid rocket motors? ParafFun!
Improved bowel movement? ParafFun!
Lighting your camping lantern? ParafFun!
Testing samples in infrared spectroscopy? ParafFun!
Moderating neutrons? ParafFun!
Making a box of crayons? ParafFun!

ParafFun! Rewax, it's ParafFun!

Drilling stations

We have fourteen drilling rigs strategically positioned around the globe, each a billion dollar marvel of modern engineering. One, the Chuai Station, is opening in September 2007 off the east coast of North America. [view interactive map]

Tagruato explores the final frontier on planet earth -- the deepest recesses of our oceans. Our scientists and engineers have created drilling technology that can withstand degrees of extreme pressure, cold, and heat never before thought possible. This groundbreaking feat of industrial triumph allows for research and retrieval in areas previously unexplored by man.

Tagruato covers the planet. We have fourteen drilling stations strategically positioned around the globe, each a billion dollar marvel of modern engineering. Thousands of hardworking, well-paid, satisfied Japanese employees man their posts with honor and integrity. From the Arctic Ocean to the Mid-Atlantic ridge, we go deep. Capable of excavation at distances exceeding 7,000 meters of water and 9,200 meters of seabed, the greatest depths of the oceans have been opened for business.

The implications are vast and bountiful. Tagruato boasts sole ownership of the functionality designs implemented in our drilling stations. This gives us unparalleled access to the natural resources that lie below the ocean floor. Namely Petroleum, the most sought-after resource in the world. Opening these new regions is projected to boost Japan's national oil reserves by as much as sixty percent. Analysts believe that with the bounty it is about to attain, Tagruato will soon join the ranks of the world's wealthiest corporations.


RJ said...

I found a connection to Tagruato through a dining review through a meal review by a "vernon macdooble". He reviewed a Japanese restaurant called "Garbanzos" which I have been able to find no record of existing.


The article makes mention of a "seabed nectar" shipped by Tagruato. He later in the article talks about craving more.

"I called Chef Nakamura to my side, clapped him upon the back, and demanded an explanation. I quickly realized my mistake, as Nakamura is a somewhat long-winded fellow. The recipe, he blabbered, was sent to him by his brother, a fellow chef working in Tokyo, where it had been gaining favor in some of Japan’s most well-renowned restaurants. It contained the finest ingredients money can buy, from fresh bay leaves imported by a company called Fotopoulos Herb Gardens in Crete, to something the Japanese call “kaitei no mitsu”, or “Seabed’s Nectar”, shipped in dry ice by a company out of Honshu called Tagruato. I feigned interest in the chef’s incessant prattle, distracted by the unveiling of desert. A chilled strawberry white wine soup, the highlight of the meal. I felt like I could destroy the cosmos using only the patch of flesh where my pinkie toe used to live."

Im too tired to try to piece this little puzzle together.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone tried calling Tagruato's phone number (81-3-5403-6318) or emailing them?

Anonymous said...

the phone number and address listed have been verified as fraudulent and do not exist. The phone number would actually be missing a few numbers to actually complete a dialing sequence. havent tried an email yet though..

RJ said...

Another quote from "Vernon Macdooble" regarding the seabed nectar.

"I observed the tastes I’d expected as they washed across my palette. Onion, lemon, peppercorn, white wine. And something else. Something… inscrutable. Now you must understand, for a culinary connoisseur such as myself, someone who has traveled the world delighting in every flavor man can offer—to taste something new is quite remarkable indeed. It was as if I tasted the food not just with my tongue buds but with my very soul. A feeling of great strength washed over me, as though I could take a boulder into my fist and squeeze it into a pebble. My fork became a scepter, raised high as I envisioned myself conquering the Nordic empire and laying waste to any filthy peasant who stood in my path. Glorious."

blanco said...

Anyone notice that if you look at the Interactive map. Out of all the current drilling stations across the world. Only one has still yet to be activated... It's also the closest one to NYC (US) Chuai Station is scheduled to open in Sep 2007. And January of 08 is when all hell breaks loose. My guess is that when this plant get's the green light and starts drilling is when Mr. Monster get's his wake-up call and heads straight for main land.

Anonymous said...

I found that if you stay on the 1-18-08 picture page for about 10 minutes the roar of the monster comes through loud and clear.

bioctoplasterio said...

I sent an e-mail to the address listed on the contact us page for Tagruato, letting them know of some of the broken/looping links on their site. We'll see what happens.

Also, on an interesting note, or maybe not, Bold Futura is one of the company's subsidiaries. Futura Bold is a font used in film and on the plaque on the moon left by the Apollo 11 mission. Probably means nothing but I found it amusing.

Stephanie J. said...

Deep sea crab indeed. Oh, revel in the speculation!

Stephanie J. said...

It is interesting how the company is saying that they need marketing people to bring slusho to the Western markets, and Rob conveniently is in marketing.

isaac said...

Ok so if u go to 1-18-08.com
and u find the asian picture
and u hold the left mouse clicker and move the mouse left and right the picture will flip and there is wrighting in the back of every single picture i dont know if any one know this but yea there u go do that
and the asian on the back of the picture is all written in chinese

Drawer2000 said...

Thanks Issac. You can find more info about those photos here. Mainly the latest one has a recipe on the back!


Matthew said...

You know....with the more and more stuff coming out, the lamer this movie is looking. This is all just cliche garbage. All the names are taken out of bad 80s ninja films made in the states.
The original trailer, great.
All this extra stuff, just makes it too corporate. They're giving out useless clips and sites about the movie to make "buzz" about it.
Seriously, I was going to watch this movie day of it's release.
Now, it seems more like something I'd watch if someone else rents it.
Meh, whatever...slow day at work...

Anonymous said...

Anoymous, just so you know, the number to Tagruato Corp is legit. The only thing that they didnt expect you to need help with was the 011 you need to put in front of the number--thats the international code for anything overseas pretty much. What happens when you call? A japanese lady comes on and its a recording. At first the message is in japanese, and then it is translated into english. She says somethin like,
"Thank you for calling Tagruato Corporation. Due to high call volume, we cannot assist you with your call at this time, if you wish, please leave a message and a representative will get back with you as soon as possible, thank you for calling Tagruato Corporation."

Anyways, just thought u might want to know. If you already knew that, cool, if not, glad to be of service to ya.

Anonymous said...

Its pretty obvious that this new drilling site off the coast of North America is going to be what awakens our beast. Not that this comes as much of a surprise. Now what we need are clues to what the monster is. Not where its from, we've known that since Slusho! first made its way onto our radar.

Andrew said...

IS it just a coincidence that Tagruato company has a little league team called the Lions? It's under the Headlines link on their website...

Amalgamated Boron and Manganese said...

Anyone notice that if you search under "Masakuzo Endo" (the pitcher for the Lions), a paper titled "A Control Method for Humanoid Biped Walking with Limited Torque" comes up. Apparently it relates to bipedal locomotion in robots (as seen in robots playing soccor). Hmmm.

Angelos said...

Guys i am sure this movie has to do a lot with H.P. Lovecraft. I wouldnt be surpriced if it would be a Cthulhu movie. The whole cult, viral marketing and all stuff also have to do something with it. I dunno, just givin an opinion

John said...

There is just so many twists and turns that this whole thing could take. For instance; let's say all these companies be linked?

YOSHIDA MEDICAL RESEARCH, SLUSHO!, BOLD FUTURA LOGO, and ParafFUN! Wax Distributors all could have something with this company scientifically creating/mutating some sort of monster. Maybe our friend Ganu Yoshida is trying to take over the world! ha ha

J.J. Abrams is just so out there, that anything is a possibility. Has anyone checked out that fake-embedded news story on CNN.com?

Anonymous said...

I found this on the internet today


Probably not the actual monster, but at least it's something. It's just based on the Slusho! history with the turning a fish into a whale; I guess this would be turning a whale into a monster whale.

Anonymous said...

Hey when i lined up all the names of the different stations based on when they were built it turns out that the names of all the stations are in order of Japan's emperors. Jimmu was the first emperor of japan...suizei..was second...annei was third...etc. etc. etc. I'm not sure what the connection is but I'm sure that has to be one.

Anonymous said...

The concept art piece that continues to crop up appears to actually be from a video game Final Fantasy XI and not from Cloverfield. In addition, I think the monster is not 'scary' enough for today's standards and would never make the cut as Cloverfield's creature. Sort of like how they made Megatron much more feral and vicious looking in the Transformer's movies.

Anonymous said...

If you watch the trailer it talks about multiple sightings of this creature which may mean multiple creatures. Also in the finally released trailer it's quick, but if you pay attention there's a point where you are looking at three shadows. A woman with two soldiers on either side of her. Most likely the same woman that they are telling the one filming that there's nothing they can do for her now and they're saying she's dying...anyway...watch closely and you'll se her start to balloon in size and you hear a nice gooey tearing sound. In my opinion the most logical answer is these creatures, yes plural, are humans that have been mutated by the "secret ingredient". In my mind here is how it goes. If you look at the slusho website they tell the story of how the company started. it was this woman who was great at making flavors. Then she went to the sea to find the secret ingredient and never returned. Next her son becomes a deep sea scientist (head of the corporation no doubt) and he finds the secret ingredient. after this slusho becomes immensly populor and so forth. Also on the slusho website there is a link for chances to sell it in america, on the down low though, because the fda hasn't approved it yet. So maybe the one that comes out of the ocean is the mother mutated, but I think part of the problem the military is facing is multiple creatures are showing up because the "secret ingredient" is mutating more people. Or I guess it could just be the mother and the mutation is unstable. Either way my money is on secret ingredient is mutating people. That's why this movie is sighting 477.

Anonymous said...

the picture of the Japaneses chef on the 1-18-08.com site has that writing on the back and when I first saw it I thought it was a recipe and after reading about the restaurant review rj posted i bet that is exactly what it is- a recipe for whatever was written up about in that review.

Anonymous said...

This movies is gonna probably suck balls and not in a good way, but more like in an un satisfying way. Where too much is made of the anticipation of the Act(movie) then you are done and unsatisfied before you know it (the Movie).That was kind of personal thanks for being there for me message board.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone thought of the video game Rampage where people eat something that turns them into monsters? Just a thought I really don't know but it sounds alike. and would be cool!!!

LT said...

Has anyone taken the japanese writing on the back of the picture at 11808.com and tried to translate it yet? I've been looking all over the web and it seems like its being overlooked. It is probably a dead end, but could be worth looking into...

Anonymous said...

watch cloverfield online

Click on the "OLDER POSTS" above to start up the Cloverfield archives and see how it all began.

What is Cloverfield?

Welcome to 1-18-08 Project Cloverfield Blog.

Cloverfield is the J.J. Abrams (Lost, Alias) produced monster flick directed by Matt Reeves. Get caught up on all the Cloverfield news including the viral world of Tagruato, TIDOwave, and Slusho!? And now Aladygma?

However, I love viral campaigns. Cloverfield taught me the fun of being involved with the viral world of movies and TV. That's why I'd like to branch out this site to cover some of the major viral campaigns as they are developing. Feel free to drop me a line or tip on any you find interesting.

Welcome to Cloverfield

Very few facts emerged from the viral campaign that was Cloverfield. It all started after a short, teaser trailer for Cloverfield appeared with the Transformers movie in early July of 2007. Since then, speculation surrounded what the title of the movie would be (Monstrous, Overnight, etc...) and what the monster really is and why it is tearing up New York City.

A few pictures and covert videos from the film showed up online and there were only a few core facts we knew of including the poster, the teaser trailer, and a few websites at 1-18-08, Tagruato Corp, and Slusho .

In November, the official full-length Cloverfield trailer was released that helped open up the story as well as cement the "Cloverfield" name for the movie. A short glimpse of the Cloverfield Monster was seen but for most people they still had little or no clue as to what it was.

The movie centered around five young New Yorkers throwing their friend a going-away party the night that a monster the size of a skyscraper descends upon the city. Told from the point of view of their video camera, the film is a document of their attempt to survive the most surreal, horrifying event of their lives. Cloverfield opened the weekend of 1-18-08 and set box office records for a movie in January with a monster take of over $40M. Continue to check back here for updates on the mystery and viral campaigns of Cloverfield.

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Slusho This is the Japanese frozen drink made from a secret ingredient gathered from the bottom of the ocean. Slusho gives you a kick and makes you extremely happy. Prior to 1-18-08 Slusho was not sold in the US. However, recent FDA approval gave Slusho clearance to come to the states. Rob Hawkins, the lead character, was recently promoted to vice-president of Slusho and was on his way to Japan the night of the attack. Slusho is owned by the Tagruato Corp. of Japan. Slusho also first made an appearance on J.J. Abrams Alias during a scene where characters buy the drink at a store.

Tagruato This ficticious Japanese company is the parent company of Slusho as well as the Yoshida Medical Research, Bold Futura, and ParafFUN! Wax Distributors. Besides drilling the oceans for Slusho ingredients, Tagruato builds everything from space satellites to medical gear.

T.I.D.O wave An activist group set out to bring to light all the damage Tagruato has done to the envirnoment.

Jamie and Teddy A minor character from the movie, Jamie popped up on a 1-18-08.com picture and the MySpace profiles for the movies characters before getting famous for her "Jamie and Teddy" website. The site is comprised of video journals from Jamie. The site is password protected but can be accessed by the password "jllovesth"

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Slusho ! You Can't Drink 6

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