1-18-08 Picture Update

After months of very little activity (except a little roar in August) the official site for 1-18-08 has added another picture to its gallery. This time it features something a little out of the ordinary.

What looks like a Japanese (I assume) chef is seen in the kitchen really enjoying a tray of unknown food items. Flip the picture over and a bunch of Japanese text is scrawled over it. Since I'm no expert in Japanese it will take some time to figure out what it really is. However, a quick guess is that it is a recipe from the cook pictured. The fractioned numbers and ordered list make that my guess.

Update: The guys and gals at unfiction didn't take long to figure it out. Original post of the translation is here. It is indeed a recipe and here is a quick translation:

Everybody, thank you for viewing! I'll introduce this week's delicious recipe.
Please make sure to keep this one cold!

*Skinless chicken breast - 2,
cut in halves
*Soumen (a kind of japanese noodle) - 10 oz.
*Watercress -
1/2 cup cut into small strips
*Turnip - 1/2 cup, thinly sliced
(japanese mushrooms) - 1/2 cup
*Chicken stock - 1/3 cup
*Sake (japanese
rice wine) - 2 tbsp.
*Sugar - 1/2 tsp.
*Ocean-bottom crab - one

In a small saucepan, stir together 1/3 cup water, chicken stock, sake, and sugar. Chill it until it becomes cold. Grill the chicken breast on both sides for about 8 minutes, and then chill. Boil the noodles for about 3 minutes, and then run under cold water until chilled. Mix the watercress, turnips, and mushrooms into the soumen. Slice the chicken thinly and arrange on top of the soumen mix. Just before you serve, put the crab in the sauce and pour over the noodles generously.

Go go Oishii ("delicious") Chef!


Dusty said...

hey this is kinda obviosly pointing out teh only itme that it doesnt list and thast teh crab... in teh ingredients above it doesnt list crab .. btu for some reson it lists it in the bottom? seems kinda opdd...i mean if it an entire reciupe woudlnt you include the crab?

Dusty said...

hey this is kinda obviosly pointing out the only item that it doesn't list and the crab... in the ingredients above it doesn't list crab .. but for some reason it lists it in the bottom? seems kinda odd...i mean if it is an entire recipe woudln't you include the crab?

sorry for the previos post my mind was talking faster than i could type:(

Anonymous said...

this picture really has nothing to do with anything.
JJ, come on, we need something better than this.

Anonymous said...

I notice that it says "this week's delicious recipe". Perhaps this is an indication that the site will now be updated on a more regular (say weekly) basis. Still though, this is an awfully silly addition.

Anonymous said...

you guys are really missing the point, this is riddled with clues if u;ve been paying attention. This thing about keeping things chilled and cold keeps on poping up, especialy with the frozen depths of the sea, and plus that the deap sea crab is never once cooked in the recipie, "make sure to keep this one cold" or frozen or wut ever, big clues if u ask me. Could be an indication that the monster or wut ever, is dormant in the deep sea when frozen, is drilled awake and reaks havok in NYC. but tht last part is just me specualting.

Josephus said...

'ocean bottom crab' - one

ingredients do list the crab.

7secondstofall said...


that was on another site....the crab thing is wrong its honey or something check out the site and read all the stuff it tells you there

7secondstofall said...

And i am not sure if this has been said so i will tell you it is NOT Godzilla 2...they are already in the making for that... they released that info a while ago...so that way those rumors are gone. if that helps yay if not sorry

if any one has time email me and let me know whats going on and if that new site helped u or not...


Jac said...

hei ppl, i joined today to check on the general updates and found a lot of cool info.. lol so many ppl is seeing monsters all over the (posters) place?..after reading the translation from the recipe i thought maybe this "deep sea crab" could be the so called parasites the main monster carries? the ones the new trailer rumor refers?

one would think that they tested this thing to be safe for consume and all..but then again the idea stuck to my head..maybe ppl will start getting sick and the cases will appear on YMR? cheers -Jac-

Anonymous said...

The facts are that there is a reference to Slusho on the T Shirt of one of the protagonists, if you then visit the slusho website you will find that it is made by the Tagruato Corp. One of their activities is deep sea drilling in the deepest parts of the ocean. And lo and behold one of the ingredients of slusho is something from the sea. Therefore The drilling has awakened 'something' at the bottom of the mid atlantic trench (tagruato site) and it is attracted to the ingredient used in slusho, which is a worldwide favourite - I mean you cant just drink six! Consequently we have a movie about a hungry big thing that wants to drink soda made from fish, it is so pissed off at being wakened that it tears the head off of the statue of liberty and subsequently seeks slusho......

Anonymous said...

During the viral marketing carried out on Lost there were sinister sounding corporations with apparently real websites and identities. This aint new stuff. The whole thing is starting to piss everyone off now.
It is all heading for a big dissapointment now. The movie may be in fact a comedy about how to whip up a frenzy about something pointless and for a laugh Paramount have said 'what if we have a big monster that drank fake soft drink, wouldn't that be a blast?' The marketing opportunities are endless, you can buy Slusho T Shirts - it is only a metter of time till Coke Inc bring out real Slusho. Six just wont be enough at 2 bucks a pop.
Studios are just finding new ways to squeeze out cash from its customers.

Anonymous said...

Just to put this out there. The re-occurrence of 6 may be of interest to some. Also, if you read the history of Slusho, it's apparent that the secret ingredient was found, and they didn't know what to do with it at first. Then, the inventor of Slusho had a dream in which he drank the ingredient and grew from a small fish to a giant whale. Thought I'd throw that in.

sick_&_bored_on_winter_break said...

If this is repetitious then I apologize. So I was digging through the TAGRUATO Corp webpage and found an interactive map with the locations of the company's ocean drilling sites. Several were opened on Feb 25 1995. So I googled that date and found nothing of significance, so I googled the date with "ocean" and found an article about a japanese deep sea exploration that was published on that date . . . weird. here's the link.

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